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This section of my website provides a selective list of links to passenger railway operators in various countries. It's obviously selective in that the list of countries (and for the larger countries, areas within them) is limited, though I hope to extend the listing as time permits. It's also selective in that I only list what might be termed "public service" operators, those whose purpose is to move people from A to B. I do not list "leisure" or "tourist" operators, who typically move people from A back to A, possibly via B, principally for their enjoyment. Within these limits, I aim to make this list as comprehensive as possible.

The operators included run a great variety of services, from the 3-day transcontinental run to the 5-minute frequency metro shuttle. What links them all is that they rely on steel wheels on steel rails. Occasionally I also include other fixed-track transit systems, such as the rubber-tyred lines of the Paris Metro, and the various VAL systems in France.

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I use the following terms to describe the type(s) of service provided by each operator:





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