CTS Foreyule Feast Notes

This document describes the way the Foreyule Feast was run in 1997-2000, and for many years before. This is not to say that it can't be done in other ways.


The Feast organisation seems to break down into three phases: This is should not be taken to mean that these phases are necessarily clearly delineated - they can and do overlap for all sorts of reasons. Nevertheless, most Feast activities slot fairly neatly into one phase.
You are strongly recommended to read through all these organisational sections well in advance, as there is no guarantee that everything is covered with enough warning, or, indeed, at all. Reading through the menu sections in advance will also be helpful.


For recipes and other specific instructions, see individual notes linked to each of the menu items.

Mushroom Soup
Turkey and Ham
OR Vegetarian Main Course
Baked Potatoes
Trimmings (e.g. stuffing and gravy)
Haggis (optional extra)
Dessert usually gateaux

Drinks (soft and alcoholic) are also served.
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