distorted.org.uk upgrade status


Started upgrade of radius. This is a relatively simple machine, so I'm doing it first to find out how minimally difficult each machine is going to be.
That was a disaster. Notes: check grub is upgraded before rebooting, because otherwise everything goes very wrong indeed; watch for BIRD clobbering its config files with broken symlinks.
This will take a year, so I've started nine upgrades at once...
Brilliant. The libvirt packaging has been quietly changed, with the result that halfway through fender's upgrade something decided to suspend all its guests, and then replace the KVM machinery with a new version which didn't understand the save files. Reboots all round. (Sorry, Nicko.)


The backup failed. Apparently creating LVM snapshots deadlocks immediately on stretch, because udev isn't started at boot, because some script thinks it's `running in a container', because ps failed rather than producing output, because now it depends on some library in /usr and /usr isn't mounted in initramfs, because the idiot mount command in initramfs doesn't understand the relatime option. Words fail.
More BIRD fun: it doesn't run unless /run/bird exists. It has to be created each time the machine boots. Guess who creates it. Come on: guess. If you said `nobody', give yourself a lollipop.
I mean, it's not all a total disaster. Some things are better now. dpkg prints its name in bold. So at least I have that.