'Ome sweet 'ome

There are far too many odd words in biology. Genome (an organism's full complement of genetic information) and proteome (all the proteins produced from the genes in the genome) I can cope with, even if people are still debating their exact definition. Things start getting silly when we get transcriptome, physiome, metabalome, morphome, phenome, interactome, glycome, secretome, ribonome, cellome, operome, transportome, pseudome, functome, translatome, foldome, unknome...[0]

It sprung to mind that we might refer to such things collectively as the 'omome'.

[0] Greenbaum D, et al. Interrelating different types of genomic data, from proteome to secretome: 'oming in on function. Genome Res. 2001 Sep 11(9):1463-8. http://bioinfo.mbb.yale.edu/what-is-it/omes/.