Middle-Earth Community College
Principal: Sauron, the Dark Lord

" Education for All "

  • Mapreading for Nazgul - do you often find yourself having to ask for directions ("Shire...Baggins")? Details to be confirmed.

  • Home accounting - keep track of your money. Taught by a dwarf representative. Fee: 5 gold pieces.

  • Nail care for wizards - a manicure course taught by Saruman the Wise. Fee: one magic ring.

  • Hair care for elves - tips for keeping your tresses smooth and shiny, even in the midst of a fight. Taught by Legolas Greenleaf. Fee: to be confirmed.

  • Skin care for Uruk-hai - learn how to get rid of unsightly blemishes and put makeup on effectively. Taught by Lurtz. Fee: 2 halflings.

  • Oral hygiene for cave trolls - an example-based course taught by Frodo Baggins. Free of charge.

  • The Bree Diet - get thinner fast! An invigorating food plan and exercise regime recommended by gatemen everywhere. Fee: one new gate.

  • Scientology for elves - a workshop taught by Elrond Hubbard. Fee: trust in men.

  • Counting songs - including "One, Two, Tie My Shoe", and "4 Hobbits In A Bed". Taught by Aragorn, son of Arathorn.

  • Gandalf-o-matic floor polisher - product demonstration by Saruman the Wise.

  • Gwaihir Airlines - product demonstration by the King of Eagles.