This is an easy wind chime pattern. I made it in merino, Socks that Rock, but any 4 ply or double knit will work.

You need:

Small amount of yarn (about 20g should be sufficient)
A bangle in a coordinating colour
20 small bells
2 dpns size 3.25 mm or 4mm for double knitting.

I-cord: knit stitches, slide to other end of needle and, without turning work, knit again
Placing bells: Pull the bell up the yarn and hold to the front of work between the two stitches as you knit the second.

Thread the bells on to the yarn. Measure the diameter of the bangle.

Bell cords (make 4):
Make two slip knots around the bangle, leaving a long tail. This is your cast on. Work in i-cord for the width of the bangle, then place a bell. Repeat four times. Cast off.

Take the long tails from all four cast ons, and knot them together at an even height above th chimes. Trim ends. Sew in cast off ends.