Top Banana Productions present

Ben Elton's GASPING

Our exam-time comedy extravaganza is Ben Elton's hilarious and controversial farce that savagely rips apart that most sacred of institutions, Big Business. The product they are selling is designer air, courtesy of the new and revolutionary Suck And Blow device, but when air becomes a commodity, what happens if you can't afford it? And with other companies in competition, it makes sense to stockpile or indeed burn off excess quantities to keep the prices high. Scathing satire from the modern master of the genre, this makes Blackadder look like a Sunday school outing. Don't miss it!

Click here for a short synopsis of the play.
Gasping is showing at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge from 21st to 25th May 1996, at 8pm; tickets 3.50-5. Advance bookings from the Arts Box Office, 8 Market Passage, Cambridge; credit card bookings on (01223) 504444.

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