Numismatic Work Online

an aureus of the Emperor Vespasian showing a bust of Sol


While working at the Fitzwilliam Museum, I catalogued and/or put online the following items (no. of pieces follow in brackets):

A few hundred other items catalogued for display security fit into none of these categories. I also managed a team that catalogued and imaged the Chinese coins in the collection, which I then put online (3755). At the time of writing, more of my work still remains to be put online.

I was also responsible for copy-editing the forthcoming catalogue of the Department's coins of the Mughal empire by Sanjay and Nurassa Garg, and two volumes of the Medieval European Coinage series, and for maintaining, cleaning and updating the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin-Finds and Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles databases, from which I also generated electronically the initial text for the 2006 through 2010 editions of "Coin Register" in the British Numismatic Journal.

Virtual Exhibitions

Crimean War Medal, by William WyonAlso while at Coins and Medals, I created a number of online resources and exhibitions:

Outreach and other Work

The posts on numismatic matters on my blog, A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe, can be found here, and a slideshow I created as an outcome of the coin handling sessions I ran there for History students is mounted on the blog here.

A virtual exhibition mounted by one of the volunteers I mentored, Commodore Perry and the Opening of Japan. Naval Diplomat and Collector is still online here.

A draft version of a blog post soon to appear on the Birmingham University website reporting on a field trip I organised can be found here.

The Fitzwilliam's Hidden Histories project, on whose committee I sat, is online here.

Lastly, an online article I published about the techniques used in my Fitzwilliam post, in the journal The Heroic Age, can be found here.