Big list of links I've found interesting

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Flaming Plastic Anal Violation merchandise


A warning...

Adbar - perhaps the silliest Firefox Extension?

Musings on filesharing and ringtones

JWZ on X cut-and-paste (technicalish)

JWZ on the CADT software development model

English-Basque dictionary

The Heavy Metal Umlaut (Wikipedia)

(MeatballWiki) Wiki Spam Discussion

Tax Honesty or why US citizens "don't have to pay tax"

WWI soldiers found in glacier

g00g13 1n 1337

Justified Thameslink PAX rant

IKEA ChatBot (requires Flash)

Virtual Girlfriend

One Russian plane crashed, one missing...

LEGO church!

Work Experience at the BBC (comic)

Remote control webcam (Dundee)

How the Canadian Navy ended up boarding a US-owned vessel in 2000.

Pensioner's house divided in two

Explosive found in Russian plane wreckage

Estimation Quiz

This is Cambridge!

Protest Sign

ACME Klein Bottle

"Real College Textbooks"

Thameslink cut in two from 11/9.

Saudi Arabian Ikea shop stampede claims three lives

Shirly some mistake?

Even a sober Wiki can have fun sometimes.

Panda porn achieves results

The Titan Arum Web Camera

Reasons to vote for Kerry, even if he is a Wanker.

London Tube Map for the Disabled.

Drawing The Union Jack Accurately

Spot the fake smile (flash)

Dabs mistake

How Stenotyping might help to turn Senator Olympia Snowe into Senador Nieve de Olympia.

Mad Muppets top cult science poll

Why Arial is Grotesque (literally).

Snowmobile gets UK parking ticket

The Ad Astra RP setting

The Élite Novella

Cambridge College Scarf Colours

Dalek redesigns!

The Emotion Fractal (Flash)

Online resources available via your Cambridgeshire library card

Choose your own adventure -- a community project.

You've seen the inflatable Church, now the inflatable Pub!

"The [US] Media Can Legally Lie"

This Isn't London; New Transport Initiatives

Old paper sizes.

Talking Lampposts?

Shakespeare's original Quartos online at the British Library.

The stygmatic "Eye of Argon"

TXU Texas to charge more to people with bad credit ratings?

St Pancreatic Chaos

The Category Game.

Batman-costumed "Father 4 Justice" scales Buckingham Palace

Postal only referendum over North-East Assembly.

If Bush ran against Jesus

Charley's reminded me...

Mozilla developers should eat goat cheese.

Librarian Action Figure!

IPv4 address assignments (by /8)

Aquarion on the great Inspector Sands conspiracy

Automated gmail invite redistributor

The Riot Act

The world is running out of Ramones

The Internet Society InterPlanNetary Special Interest Group

Academic graffiti

Crash Only Softawre

"1974", microfiction.

( Pink Bus; Schoolchild deterrent


LEGO Harpsichord

Aquarion on the rot that is infecting the world of blogging.

Another spam reduction website

My Borg Pony.

(Flash) Trogdor (Silly Game)

Towel Day.

XML and the blogger-weenie protocols

Student cash "should be on merit"

...there is but one political God, George W Bush, and Tony Blair is his prophet...

LibDem Presidential Duck.

Agenda Detection

Naze Nani Toothycat 3 -- Cambridge University; obscure rules and regulations

The Ackermann Function

In God We Trust...

Snopes on the previous link.

The Essentials of Brewing Great Coffee

Russian Tea HOWTO

Jobsworth of the Day

Netscape (6x6x6) Colour Palette Map

How to disappear in America without a trace

Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

New "colorized" $50 bill.

Mozilla/Firefox extensions to tabbed browsing

RIP "King Size" chocolate bars.

Experiences in being a Tenant.

The ultimate image compression algorithm?

Durham's Doomed Timetable Software.

Ye Olde Mappe of Cambridge (1575)

Flash Game

The Generic Nomic Data Tracker

Wales airbrushed from EU.

BBC 2 Testcard (Flash)

Tower Game and Supercity Planner Game (Flash)

The Long Tail -- How to make money on "misses".

London Pillow Fight Club.

Realtime blog of the VP debate...

Virtual Bubblewrap

Langford on "Naming Names"

Positronic Bombs?

The traditional perfect japanese pangram.

Favourite Equations of All Time.


The Strunkenwhite Virus

Radio Caroline -- the original UK pirate radio

The Guardian -- Influencing US voters...

US reactions to the Grauniad letter-writing campaign.

The ROFL-3000 keyboard....

22 megapixel Hasselblad DSLR.

The Journal of Unlikely Science

Fake Voter Registration for Cocaine scandal.

Genuine fake Gonville and Caius College Student Food Menus

Poke the Penguin (Flash)

Google Circa 1960?

Indymedia servers were seized from some kind of "Jurisdictional Twilight".

Boots the Chemist (and retailer of Personal Massagers)

How to pick up and carry your iMac G5

Supersize Me!

Cambridgeshire: Chicken of the Week

Andrew Wyld on "The worst lecturer I've ever had"

Taking accurate search results too far?

Green and Blacks Chocolate Biscuits!

Slytherincess on (frottage fic and) the hate relationship between the fandom and heterosexual fic.

One-handed keyboard.

Texas Judge Has Party, Sentences Fugitive

Russia likely to ratify Kyoto, seeking WTO membership.

Grauniad may support LibDems?

Minature Jet Engines to replace Batteries?

Kids who support Kerry threatened with expulsion

Eep! (US turning into Police State)

58,000 absentee ballots missing, Florida.

Webster's non-existent word.

Wooden Mirror

How big is a Million Dollars?

Dodgy Cash Machines on the Tube...

How to shoot a deer with a Howitzer.

US voting software has stupid defaults (in other news, Pope defeciates in wood)

"Structured Procrastination"

"Our unique, patented device allows for the safe transport and storage of individual bananas"

Vulcan Bomber for sale (one for CULES?)

Young Mobile Voters Pick Kerry Over Bush (Zogby)

Richie Robb (Republican Elector) may not vote for Bush, if selected.

An exercise in real-time alternate-history fiction

In other news...

Hart's Location -- bringing early Presidential Votes to the USA since 1948

Crackers target vote counting infrastructure?

Public Service Announcement

On the subject of "too close to call"...

(White Wolf's) Exalted Script Translator

Rone on the Election.

Bush's plans.

F-16 Jet Fires On NJ School

A political correctness too far?

On Accents and Men.

3,893 down, 132,590 to go...

Return of the Vulcan Bomber?

Shades of Purple (Election)

You have to laugh. Or cry.

17 Reasons Not to Slit Your Michael Moore

Publican purchases Vulcan Bomber

Zen tube station announcements

PDP8/M on eBay

Terminator in the style of Pride and Prejudice...

An elementary course in Theoretical Cryptoastronomy

"Calvin and Hobbes Omnibus Collection"

Firefox Icon Problem - new firefox icon appears to be giant red panda that is humping south america

Desiro not so desirable on eBay.

10 reasons not to have sex at the speed of light

Books, shelved by colour.

Ireland "Best Country"

20st sheep!

EPO recognises same-sex marriage?

Recent Earthquakes Reported by BGS

Cantabrigensis Hash House Harriers ("drinkers with a running problem")

The US: 7.448 x 10^12 dollars debt.

"the largest digital panoramic photo in the world"

The League for the Fifth International

Some interesting search results here...

Working Paper: The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections

The Matrix, in haiku

Prosopagnosia explained by analogies with stones

Doubts about school computer use

MS promotes Firefox?

Australia: The Confusing Country

Band Aid Dilemma -- Do they know it's awful?

How not to rescue a van from the sea.

Ready Reserve calls up single mom

Helvetica vs. Arial (Flash Game)

A Periodic Table of the Operators (perl6)

Shirley some mistake?

Designing Your (RPG) Party -- the Scooby Way!

"CNN on Bush in Canada"

BNP cockup.

Customisable Stamps (Royal Mail)

A rant about the words "pamper" and "treat".

Tube rumours...

When an insomniac is their own worst enemy.

Realtime Tube Disruptions Map

Invisible Networks -> Nonexistent Networks

"Sit about eighteen inches from the screen and stare hard at the picture - you should eventually see a giraffe!"

Concussions Kept Tintin Forever Young

31 August 2004, the day that 1200 people were arrested in Manhattan.

Foreign dissidents facing U.S. hurdles to publishing

Google to scan famous libraries

Spirit finds evidence of water.

Cute cat and monitor pictures.

Minnesota elector votes for Edwards for both President and Vice.

BNP doesn't know the difference between pathogenesis and parthenogenesis.

Le Guin critical of upcoming Earthsea miniseries.

No more lengthy debugging sections in IRC, pastebin them.

Kickstool Safety

The best true Snopes story ever.

Is There a Santa Claus?

Map of Switzerland using satellite imagery

A guide to writing systems

A photoalbum of the tube stops

"The Graphing Calculator Story"

The Fanfiction Glossary

Fear Dust (aka Americans and Cluster Bombs)

Cheap Jerry Springer: The Opera tickets for Christians!

Kent Cricket Tree Dead

Iapetus; as MoonShadow says "That's no moon!"

N Korea wages war on long hair

How to fold a serviette like an elf's boot

Manic Miner in Javascript

Transport game (in german)

Why not to buy a bladdy bus^WVulcan Bomber

"hover over" HTML entity grid.

Manias and Obsessions (a list)

How Birmingham is probably not under the shadow of a vampire

Condoleezza Rice has "got a little list"...

Silly sheepy reaction-testing (Flash, Noisy)

Throw darts at European cities (Flash)

Gilmae on flaws in the AU election system

World's funniest joke? (No Python)

Rabbithole archive...

Count Your Sheep (Webcomic)

Settlers Pizza

"Clean your screen for free now" (Flash)

Laurabelle on how robots.txt won't stop Google from indexing your page.

HP announces replacement for transistor

Another pastebin -- this one's not so crap

"Candybar Doll Maker"

What I Heard about Iraq (a reporter's view)

The Cuddly Menace

A Sampling of Mathematical Folk Humor

The Ultra Gleeper: A Recommendation Engine

Tolkien in "Scots"

"Someone keeps stealing my letters..." (Flash)

Gluten-Free at Pizza Express?

Labour Manifest

SHA-1 broken.

Hitchhikers, The Movie, The Trailer


Meetings: The Practical Alternative To Work

Webcam burgler makes it to BBC News

Advice from the Grammar Nazi

Green Goddesses on sale

Meh, smarties tubes rebranded (

Electronic Commerce: Who Carries the Risk of Fraud?

Paris Underground interactive map

Pizza ordering within Everquest II!?

Economist's word of warning on Biometric Passports

How to Destroy the Earth.

Scientists discover difference betwen 6 and infinity; fail to notice.

Miss Manners on excessive hugging of strangers. attempts to go professional on blogging.

End of the line for BBC Governors

World's silliest webgame?

Noggin the Nog and the Vampire

Buzzword Bingo

Israel Defense Forces say Dungeons And Dragons players are detached from reality and automatically given a low security clearance.

Cute frog game (Flash, Sound)

Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico

15 Things You Didn't Know about Doctor Who

A Few Notes on the Culture

The quiet constitutional revolution.

MP thrown out of Commons for accusing Blair of lying.

The London Tube Map Archive

The Tact Filter (Amusing?)

RoundRects in CSS

13 year strike breaks

People called Romanes they go the house

A Duck's Eye Roundup of the days fish

Hans K

ng is critical about Pope John Paul II

80% of US Iraq Reconstruction Fund Invested on Wall Street

The good news about terrorism

Postal ballot system "hopelessly insecure"

How not to deal with a live grenade

Why biometrics are bad...

Florida loosens gun law

US flying aircraft carriers

INCH: the Institute for Naming Children Humanely

Your own Conservatives Poster.

Australia gets tougher on speeding (

Pigeon Street website.

Bluetooth people on some kind of legal crack?

SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator

(Flash) (Sound) (Politically Incorrect)

Another "Tory Poster".

Lord Mayors of London

Putting the election into perspective (Blogpulse)

New Pope condemns Spain gay bill

iPod/LEGO metamarketing

DHTML wiki. Evil or Cute?


The Internet Movie Script Database

The Gmail based blog?

New BBC Weather Glyphs.

An article on US income mobility.

ID cards ride again.

Clive's UndergrounD Line Guides

Misery for Tube Users ahead?

RAID: A visual guide

How to get internet from a hospital bed...

Seventh Jubilee Line Carriage

Spike Bike: Cycling Vigilante

Confessions of a Cycling Officer (or how a council failed cyclists)

The Crazy CURS 24 Hour Game Writing Extravaganza

The Amazing Weekly "Drabble" Thingy

Making cyclic data structures in Haskell (complicated)

iPod Shuffle RAID

Abusing Amazon Images

LSE blow to ID card scheme

Font identification by 20-Questions.

World record marriage.

The Phillips Machine: A hydraulic economics computer.

OpenID: A step in the right direction?

Interfereproc -- guddling inside processes to do evil things to their fds

The Deleted Items folder is not a filing cabinet

Comparing "Information Theory, Inference, and Learning Algorithms" and "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone"

A Creationist's View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution

A Brief History of The Utah Teapot (A raytracing exemplar)

US Draft Fears Reignited

The Singularity Is Coming...

Live Action Pacman!

(HP fandom) The Gift Ficlet Request Cookie Jar

"Changing the layout with LaTeX"

Remote Shared Bookmarks for Mozilla (Hacky) (Wayback Machine) (

Ban Comic Sans

Upsidedown hot-air baloon

Amusingly bad, all your base (Flash) (Sound)

Tube travel-times map.

Christian Alliance For Progress

a Linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G

International Mailing Address Formats

Postscrit Reference

London bombing quotes.

"Why the Bombings Mean That We Must Support My Politics"


Newspapers warn of threat to America from 'Londonistan'

Sluggish Data Transport Is Faster Than ADSL

Boy wins curfew case against police

U.S. moves to extend daylight time

Open Source Beer?

Evolution vs Norse Myth

Schneier on 'Shoot-to-Kill'

Terrorists improve Nation's health?

I'm sorry sir, you can't take your Lion on the Tube

Pretty system-statistic graph drawing (like MRTG on DRUGS)

Weeble and Bob: piepod

The Signpost Forest

The AT&T weather graphs have moved again.

The UK's worst road junctions

Pathetic Motorways

Livejournal in the style of Pepys.

Another Graffiti Replacement

The 'American Pie' FAQ.

How to ruin your economy in one meteorological event.

League Tables: Not asking what colleges can do for you, but what they are doing for the country (USA)

Grinding the Axe Fantastic

"How we got engaged" by Roman and Telgemeier (Webcomic) (Cute)

"Not good PR for PR"; why Germany needed a better election result


A love letter in the form of a typical college student essay.

Appeal Court judgement on the Parliament Acts

Bystander worries about the direction of policing legislation

Unauthorised Reproduction?

The house that became a war zone (Palestine)

Bush may veto anti-torture law

"The only debate on Intelligent Design that is worthy of its subject"

How to fold a T-shirt (requires practice) (Flash)

In the Grim Future of Hello Kitty there is only war

How to get caught by the same speed camera 4 times in 1m37s.

How hard is it to break open a padlock by shooting it?

Blast from the past: A Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors fanpage

Reading chinese restaurent menus

Cows With Guns (Lyrics and Chords)

Unusual (mainly US) scholarships

UK Telephone Code Locator

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone; synopsis"

Art, truth and politics -- Harold Pinter's Nobel acceptance speech

From Tea Shops to Computer Company: Lyons Electronic Office

How others see us.

Balkanized North America

Beck-style map of the Isle of Sodor railways.

The Ultimate Genre Crossover Challenge

Isochronic tube map (proof of concept)

British Motorway Map

la mode Beck

CryoPID - A Process Freezer for Linux

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

The Oxford Comma: A Solution

Schneier advertises Anonym.OS

Three Speed Automatic Transmission in LEGO

National Grid Realtime System Data.

War on Terror: The Board Game

Google Movies

Police stop and search 100 people a day under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act

Mappe of Asteroids in the neighbourhood of Earth.

Turn Signals on a Land Raider (Webcomic)

Starmap Crystal

Another amusing modified tube map.

Ashbourne's Mob Football Game

"I felt somewhat unnerved at being held responsible for the disintegration of the UK anti-piracy system."

'Ohio lawmaker to propose ban on GOP adoption'

Genuine secret passage installation (Flash)

'My homebrew pipe organ'

Origami letters without envelopes

Wikipedia on an iPod?

"National ID application form"

The Terrorist Threat of Paying Your Credit Card Balance

Don't shoot the Puppy! (Flash) (Probably Sound)

Exactly as much fun as a barrel of wierd USB devices.

The definition of a "Plan"

Patriot Act: The Home Version (A Game)

ISO Paper Sizes

A petition to rerename Gillespie Road Tube Station (aka Arsenal)

The Internet Traffic Report

The Nethack Spoilers Spoiler

Comic Strip Generator (Flash)

The world's flags given letter grades

How to Install Front USB by Connecting Front USB Ports to a Motherboard?

When oil extraction goes wrong...

Saint Chav

The BNP: the roots of its appeal (PDF)

Home Winemaking?

It's the walking dead now

"Dispersed Data Storage"

A spoof. I hope.

Unicode extension of classic X Window System fonts

Die Nets

Step by step introduction to switching your debian installation to utf-8 encoding.

Katriona Stitt's website on Collie Eye Anomaly

Hard Drive Size Limitations and Barriers


England shocked by occurrence of summer for 21st year in a row

Software Development Amidst the Whiz of Silver Bullets...

MimeTeX, licensed under the gpl, lets you easily embed LaTeX math in your html pages.

The Size Of Our World

Hacker Hanky Panky on a Diebold

A False Sense of Insecurity

Minsky on Franklin misquoted

ADB online store

"politics be damned"

Be sceptical. Be very, very sceptical.

The police are really good at understanding someone stole my credit card and ran up a lot of money. It's a lot harder to get them to buy into 'someone stole my magic sword'.

Red Family, Blue Family -- modeling US political life

Just, like, wow...

Perpendicular Recording (of bits on hard disks) [particularly note Flash animation]

The Gravestone Photographic Resource Project

Telephone Numbers for drama purposes (TV, Radio etc)

Pluto: an epitaph

XWEM -- The XEmacs Window Manager

Here's a planet / There's a planet / And another little planet / Fuzzy planet / Funny planet / Planet / Planet / Not

When a foam-test goes wrong

Airfix in administration

Testing your site in Safari

Villages who lost no men in the World Wars.

Taking advantage of the ability to go faster without risking hitting a goat.

Not exactly "Also available in White".

If you have ten million test cases, you probably missed one.

My Day at the Polls (Story of a US election)

How to become a Terror Suspect

Mind your commas and periods!

Tracking House and Senate polls...

Dotless in Georgia

The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbols List

Simon W on "Freeing the postcode"

What is a "readers' editor"?

Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator

Nobunaga's Ambition II (For DOS)

Civilization (For DOS)

Blank playing cards

Time breakdown of modern web design

A bunch of useless clucking funts?

Starcraft Origami

Steam Powered Car to Hit 200MPH

Medieval helpdesk (With English subtitles)

The Soham Train Explosion (1944)

How to get a cheesy but concrete tactical advantage...

Small window manager example

nspluginwrapper HOWTO for Debian Sid

Dynamism, Legacy of the Visigoths

STOP! Hammer space!

The Cow vs The Man

Bit Twiddling Hacks

History of BIOS and IDE limits

The 'DIY' equivilent of your local gym

Dungeons and Dragons: Celebrating 30 years of very stupid monsters

Apples and Oranges: A Comparison

IHNJ IJLS Pop Can Smuggling Ring

Zebra Barcode Reader

Best restaurent review, ever.

Xara Xtreme for Linux

Wooden magnetic knife blocks.

How to tank as a Moonkin Druid

Hello Ketene!

Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Ceiling Cat Iz Papercrft Now

The Optical Behaviour of Vampires


Stopping Distances

GNU Emacs for Nokia n900

Repartitioning the Nokia n900

GNU parallel is a shell tool for executing jobs in parallel locally or using remote machines

RIP Xserve, EOL 11/01/31

(Author) Kristin Cashore's Blog

n900 Keyboard Remapping

n900 Special Character Remapping

n900 Notifier

Python SMS/MMS encoder/decoder

An illustrated guide to git on Windows

Command-line twitter client

a Unix utility for tracking down wasted disk space

pipeline manipulation library

a git subcommand that allows tracking large files in git

Vorbis comments

The replacement for iso-accents-mode

USB Footswitch

using the kensington expert mouse pro with linux

The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) in pictures

Encoding Binary Data into [DOS] Batch Code

DOS command line tools

ASCII Art penises and crashing github

FTP mounted with FUSE

The smallest portable PC for gaming, browsing and remote administration.

Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry: A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From N-Methylamphetamine

Britannica stops presses and goes digital

Ipad game for Cats!

Tony Finch - DNSSEC with BIND 9.8.0

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes

Why ALSA Sucks

LonCon3: The 72nd World SF Convention

TfL Line Diagram Standards

overcrowding and underfunding: the lessons of “mini metro”

Going Private? My Reply to a Job Offer from a Private Health Company.

bird migration on radar in the US

Bespoke UK Postcode Map Jigsaws

DNSSEC: inline-signing zones in BIND 9.9

Cryptic genetic variation in software: hunting a buffered 41 year old bug

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913

How much damage can a 6 year-old possibly do? An analysis of the cost of raising a child like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes.

Hints for writing Unix tools

Nintendo's psychologically exploitative advertising

A very unlawful eviction

No “Vaping” on TfL premises

Google tries to break email UX again

Microsoft rebrands Nokia phones "Lumia"

ICO… useless

Illustrated Dwarf Fortress Patch Notes

No more smoking at America's second largest tobacco firm.

Russell Brand is a truther?

No cat for the Parliamentary Estate.

Parking Sign Redesign

On Civ V

Cute Owl Photos!

Ubiquitous Police Surveilence in London

Texas banned Diane Duane's /A Wizard of Mars/ for … Violence and Horror.

How far can a horse travel in a day?

Woolcool - natural insulated packaging.

Location sharing app.

My sad cat Christmas cards.

Wocki's Acorn Emulation Site.

How Different Countries Rank Humanity's Greatest Threats

How to weigh a pig with a piece of string

Cat colour genetics, an illustrated guide.

How Different Countries Rank Humanity's Greatest Threats

Bad Pun

The story of an extraordinary effort to secure the release of Peter Kassig

RevK gets money off spammers via the courts.

Amusing Clockface

Making the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300i work on linux

What is special about Nim?

Ruggedized USB cables

Approximate walking times between tube stations

The font I use on my phone -- Espinosa Nova Regular

Identifont -- Identify a font!

Men and Women Are From Earth: Examining the Latent Structure of Gender


Fog-like Sensations

Debian Jessie on RPi2

Elf picture

jq - like sed for JSON data

Raspberry PI inside a keyboard. How 1990s :)

Huptime is a tool for achieving zero downtime restarts without the need to modify your program in any way.

Dead Batteries ... bounce?

List of price of medieval items

The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

VS files to put and not put in Version Control

Virgin Trains Seating Plan

U-Boot on Raspberry Pi

A Mid-point Ellipse Drawing Algorithm on a Hexagonal Grid

Working with hexagonal grids

TikZ and PGF - TeX packages for creating graphics programmatically

Calculating the Perimeter of an Ellipse

incron -- cron-alike for inotify events

Stupid Tricks with Promoted Tweets

The USB killer

Meerkat Press Submission Guidelines

vcsh - Version Control System for $HOME - multiple Git repositories in $HOME

... - Unix dot file management and sharing

You have a lot of version control repositories. Sometimes you want to update them all at once.

Rachmaninov had big Hands (Prelude in C-sharp minor Op. 3 No. 2)

Just when you thought it was safe to go out in the night ... Comic Serif

Story seed

Guy Shouldn’t Have Asked The Internet to Help Him Photoshop an Image

email to snail mail gateway

And so it begins...

How old were the Famous Five?

Narnian Timeline

ePaper Display HAT

RISC OS Computers: Acorn's "Rocket Ship" Computer

Cthulhu Book Posters Kickstarter

Plain English guide to flying flags

Booth Babes just don't work.

All possible humanities dissertations considered as single tweets

Sitting on Manspreaders

Golden Fields: A Case for the Heptagon

Postal Experiments

How to Stop Windows 7 or 8 from Downloading Windows 10 Automatically

JSMN, a minimalistic JSON parser in C

US Map with State names replaced by Countries with comparable education levels

Forbes forces you to turn off adblockers so it can compromise your computer

Smart meter security: a survey

More Latinos Seek Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

Supreme Court upholds same-sex adoption / Full Faith and Credit

Has Your Boss Ever Pooped In Your Lunchbox?

Chaos: The Outsider's Guide to a Contested Republican National Convention

The Six Stages of Debugging

Tattúínárdǿla saga: If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga

The Tatooine Cycle - a medieval Irish epic

Raspberry Pi Hosting

Possible Universal Memory solution?

Satirical erotica author Chuck Tingle's massive troll of conservative sci-fi fans, explained

Akiyoshi's illusion pages - "motion illusions (sensitive viewers may fill queasy)

PiTubeDirect: using a raspberry PI as a coprocessor for a BBC micro

Ian's Shoelace Site – Bringing you the fun, fashion & science of shoelaces

The Food Lab: Can You Rescue Poorly Stored Mozzarella?

I Cannot Stop Thinking About #FanCon

How the Boeing 737-Max disaster looks to a Software Dev

Going from Legacy to UEFI boot on Debian.

dnss is a daemon for using DNS over HTTPS

Linux: Swap on Video RAM