Klingon F5 Frigate

Adapted from R3.6, Star Fleet Battles Rulebook

This class was used for a multitude of patrol and escort duties. While an outstanding frigate design, the lack of a true destroyer in the Klingon fleet (the F5L being used exclusively as a frigate squadron leader) meant that F5 frigates were often used in situations too difficult for a ship of their size but too unimportant for a cruiser. F5s were, however, very easy to build and produced in greater numbers than any other Klingon ship (and arguably in greater number than any ship) excepting only the PFs. The many variants attest to its solid design.

As with other Klingon ships, refits improved combat performance over time. The F5B had improved shielding and drones. The Y175 refit further improved the drone suite. The most powerful combat version was the F5K. The first F5K, Wardog, was converted in Y175; others received their K-refits over the subsequent decade.

Klingon F5K Batlecruiser Characteristics
Year in Service 135
Point Value 71
Crew 220 Boarding Parties 8
Shuttles 1
Size Class 4
Movement Cost 0.5 Turn Mode A
Shield #1 (Forward) 21
Shield #2 (Starboard, Forward) 16
Shield #3 (Starboard, Aft) 9
Shield #4 (Aft) 9
Shield #5 (Port, Aft) 9
Shield #6 (Port, Forward) 16
Sensor Rating 6/5/3/0
Scanner Rating 0/1/3/9
Damage Control Rating 2/2/2/0
Warp Engine Power (16) Left Warp Engine (8) Right Warp Engine (8)
Impulse Engine Power 3
Auxiliary Power Reactors 1
Batteries 2
Disruptor Bolts 2
Firing Arc Forward (FA) - 2
Phaser-2 5
Firing Arc Forward (FA) - 1
Left (L)
Firing Arc Forward (FA) - 1
Right (R)
Firing Arc Rear Expanded (RX) - 3
Drone Racks 1 Type-A
Transporters 2 Tractors 1
Labs 2 Probe Launchers 1
Shuttle Bays 1 Forward Hull 2
Aft Hull 5 Excess Damage 4
Bridge 1 Emergency Bridge 1
Auxiliary Control 1 Security Stations 2

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