PANIC 4/11/99, 10:00pm (ie when nobody is there)

Muse: "Uno"
Lo-Fi All-Stars: "Disco Machine Gun"
Sultans of Ping F.C.: "Kick Me With Your Leather Boots"
Manic Street Preachers: "Stay Beautiful"
Buzzcocks: "Ever Fallen In Love"
Smiths: "Handsome Devil"
Tiger: "Friends"
James: "Come Home"

We (me and Blob) had a laugh, and the four or so people who were there danced a bit. And I got to watch people dancing to my theme song, the Buzzcocks' "Ever Fallen in Love". Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with? Of course you have. So you know what it feels like, don't you.

PANIC 18/11/99, 1:00am (ie when everybody has gone)

Back to the Planet: "Teenage Turtles"
Jesus Jones: "Devil You Know"
Radiohead: "Pop is Dead"
Idlewild: "You Just Have To Be Who You Are"
Suede: "Film Star"
The Cure: "Killing an Arab"
Sleater-Kinney: "Banned From The End Of The World"
The Divine Comedy: "Becoming More Like Alfie"
Placebo: "36 Degrees"
Daisy Chainsaw: "Love Your Money"
Rocket From The Crypt: "On A Rope"

Comments from the floor included "Hey, Sleater-Kinney are cooool!" and "When are you going to play something we can, like, DANCE to?" Plus a couple of requests for things I didn't have and didn't know. Sorry, folks. The only obvious mistake (apart from a not-very-smooth transition from the previous DJ's set) was when my 12" of "Pop is Dead" skipped. Not my fault (it played fine earlier), but gutting all the same.

Go on, go home. Nothing else to see here.