Photos from Kate and J-P's wedding

June 3rd 2006

The wedding, Castell Coch

Keep your hair on, J-P!

Grinning from ear to ear

Sophie and Emma

Castell Coch

J-P and Richard

Sophie admires the ceremony room ...

... with its beautifully decorated walls...

... and ceiling

... and statues of the Three Fates (?!)

Good view from the windows, too.

The castle again

Guests start to arrive

Here comes the bride!

Kate and her bridesmaids

Kate and her bridesmaids (2)

Adjusting Kate's train...

not once, but again...

... and again, and again,

and again.

Kate with her bouquet

Looking dreamy

And again, in profile

Closeup of the dress and the bouquet

Kate and her bridesmaids (3)

Owen, Henry and Russell (Owen officially declared Too Blond To Photograph)

As above, with sillier expressions

Kate and her bridesmaids (4)

Waiting to go in...

... and on her way at last


A narrow, winding staircase

Silk tries to photograph Russell blowing bubbles...

... before showing him how it should be done

Silk and Kate (a different one)



Helen blows bubbles

Owen blows invisible bubbles


J-P and Kate seen over the heads of the crowd


“What? Another photo?”

Kate in profile

J-P and Kate talking to Russell and Richard

Joseph with his sword

The bride's best friends



Descending the drawbridge

At the end of the drawbridge

J-P seems Wilde about the bubbles

The reception, Llechwen Hall

“Right, that's her comfortable; now, you lot...”



My place-setting

Cutting the cake (1)

Cutting the cake (“What, again?”)

Cutting the cake (“Best grinning mask!”)

Cutting the cake (“Look, like this...”)

Cutting the cake (“YOUR knife? What do you mean YOUR knife?”)

Looking at the big sky

Drinking in the sunshine

Just watching the world go by

Venus rising from the, er, chair

Richard, a waiter on top of the world

Elaine and Colin

“Kate, where did you hide them?”

Giggling at shoe-related shenanigans

Whose shoes?

Emma fixes her corsage

Henry, prone

J-P looks pensive

Henry, sitting


Everybody! (1)

Everybody! (2)

Emma plays 'pin the train on the bride'

Owen, beneath a tree

Once more with grinning


Janet has a go at fixing Kate's train (photo by Owen)

Kate laughing in the sunshine

“Don't even think about it.”

The bride and groom kiss...

... properly!


Colin and Elaine


Everybody looks silly when they're dancing...

... unless you're drunk

Traditional decorations

(You can just about see one of the culprits...)

Owen appears Not Amused (it's deceptive)

“Stop giggling! You'll break the mind-swap experiment!”

“It's Colin's brain in here now!”

Colin, balloons

Colin, balloons (2)

“Colin, don't look now, but...”

Henry tries on the balloons

“Now look what you've started!”