2001: a cake odyssey

The top-LH and bottom-RH cakes are sponge cake, the other two are fruit cake. The sponge cake is suitable for vegetarians, and the fruit cake is suitable for vegans -- and both are dairy free.

The decoration was a bit of a challenge this time, if only because it involved so much purple -- for some reason purple seems to be a very difficult colour to mix with food-colourings. I knew I should have bought that violet colouring-paste. I was (eventually) quite pleased with the lettering for "something wonderful..." -- I got the 'ransom note' effect by tracing letters in various different fonts/sizes from a stack of old newspapers. Unfortunately the yellow (and by extension the orange) leaked rather -- I blame the all-natural colour, which I hadn't tried before. Anyway, I was still frantically decorating until about 2 hours before we set off for Coventry; the fact that I couldn't decide what to do with the two eventually-matching cakes didn't help. I eventually decided to risk the black background, which gave me a chance to use the edible silver glitter dust. SHINY CAKE!

I declare this cake... OPEN!

Cutting the cake, still in full masquerade gear. You can just make out the "suitable for vegetarians" symbol drawn onto the side of the cake.

Skirt: £15 in C&A sale.
Back-laced PVC top: £10 from Cambridge Market.
Chains for lacing: less than £5 from B&Q.
Long gloves: £10 from John Lewis.
Mask: less than £5 from joke/magic/costume shop on Bridge Street, Cambridge.
Collar: ditto.
Silver hairspray: ditto.
Smile: relief at finally being able to stop stressing about cake.

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