James Meek, The Museum of Doubt

Author: James Meek
Title: The Museum of Doubt

Place: Edinburgh
Publisher: Rebel Inc
Date: 2000
Description: 294p, 22cm, paperback
ISBN: 086241945X

Why did I read this book?

The cover art caught my eye in Oxfam, and the blurb ("somewhere between Banks and Bulgakov, Calvin and Calvino, Hogg and Hrabal") was just too elegantly over-hyped to pass up, particularly for only a pound.

Where's the bookmark at?

   Charlie stopped swinging the canister, squatted down and looked into Gordon's eyes. He held up fingers.
   How many fingers am I holding up? Tell me five things you own. Who are you married to?
   Gordon stared at the. Try to count the. He turned to the pouring, gathering in the, damned by the. Remember the. And the little, the sweet, and the fuckable, the tasty and the warm, the neat and the new, the green and the plastic. It was all there, only the names were not.

("Waterland", p 204)

The arbitrary gap of noiselessness ripped across the chequered hall like white space shot diagonal across a printed page by a freak of typesetting.

("Class Action", p 240)

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