A book a week

Target: 100+
Running total: (fiction: , non-fiction: )

Several years ago I decided that I would do my utmost to read a book a week, because I felt like I was getting out of the habit of reading new things and I thought that having a goal to aim for would help. The effort paid off, and it's something I've kept up (off and on) ever since -- it encourages me to read more widely, and it helps me to justify to myself the vast quantities of books that I buy.

2010 wasn't a great year for reading, mostly because of morning sickness and tiredness... and this year I get to find out how many books I can read while looking after a tiny baby (due in April). Got off to a slow start as well because I started two huge books just before New Year...

A note on dates: I only add a book when I've actually finished it; if it looks like I've read an implausible number of books in a week, it's probably just that I've had several books on the go at once and finished them all in the same week. e.g. I started Moby Dick just before New Year, but only finally finished it (reading in fits and starts) at the beginning of March.

WeekBook(s) read
Jan 1 - Jan 7 
Jan 8 - Jan 14 
Jan 15 - Jan 21Lise Eliot, Pink Brain Blue Brain: how small differences grow into troublesome gaps — and what we can do about it
Jan 22 - Jan 28 
Jan 29 - Feb 4Tanya Huff, Blood Trail
 Jaron Lanier, You Are Not A Gadget: a manifesto
 Tanya Huff, Blood Lines
Feb 5 - Feb 11Tanya Huff, Blood Pact
 Tanya Huff, Blood Debt
Feb 12 - Feb 18Stephenie Meyer, Breaking Dawn
 Lucy Atkins, First-Time Parent
Feb 19 - Feb 25Jon Agar, Constant Touch: a global history of the mobile phone
Feb 26 - Mar 4Katharine Whitehorn, How to Survive Children
 Herman Melville, Moby Dick
Mar 5 - Mar 11 
Mar 12 - Mar 18Kate Evans, The Food of Love: your formula for successful breastfeeding
 Naomi Stadlen, What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing
Mar 19 - Mar 25Hilary Mantel, Wolf Hall
 Northrop Frye, The Educated Imagination
Mar 26 - Apr 1Janie Hampton, How the Girl Guides Won the War
 Janet Balaskas, New Active Birth: A concise guide to natural childbirth
 Alison Gopnik et al, The Scientist in the Crib: minds, brains, and how children learn
Apr 2 - Apr 8
Apr 9 - Apr 15Tamora Pierce, Melting Stones
Apr 16 - Apr 22Christopher Brookmyre, Pandaemonium
 Diana Wynne Jones, The Magicians of Caprona
Apr 23 - Apr 29
Apr 30 - May 6
May 7 - May 13Marina Lewycka, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian: a novel
May 14 - May 20 
May 21 - May 27 
May 28 - Jun 3 
Jun 4 - Jun 10 
Jun 11 - Jun 17Tanith Carey, Where has my little girl gone? How to protect your daughter from growing up too soon
Jun 18 - Jun 24Tanya Huff, Smoke and Shadows
 Tanya Huff, Smoke and Mirrors
 Tanya Huff, Smoke and Ashes
Jun 25 - Jul 1Lenore Skenazy, Free-Range Kids: Giving our children the freedom we had without going nuts with worry
Jul 2 - Jul 8Benjamin Daniels, Confessions of a GP
Jul 9 - Jul 15 
Jul 16 - Jul 22Linda Acredolo & Susan Goodwyn, Baby Signs: how to talk with your baby before your baby can talk
Jul 23 - Jul 29Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett, Baby-Led Weaning: helping your baby to love good food
Jul 30 - Aug 5 
Aug 6 - Aug 12 
Aug 13 - Aug 19Gisela Preuschoff, Raising Girls: Why girls are different - and how to help them grow up happy and confident
 Colin Dexter, The Way Through the Woods
Aug 20 - Aug 26Colin Dexter, The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn
 Colin Dexter, The Daughters of Cain
Aug 27 - Sep 2Hilary Mantel, Beyond Black
Sep 3 - Sep 9Agatha Christie, Murder in the Mews and other stories
Sep 10 - Sep 16Jane Robinson, Bluestockings: the remarkable story of the first women to fight for an education
Sep 17 - Sep 23Jed Rubenfeld, The Interpretation of Murder
 Anne Fine, Bill's New Frock
 Stephen King, Dreamcatcher
 Agatha Christie, The Hound of Death and other stories
Sep 24 - Sep 30Agatha Christie, Destination Unknown
Oct 1 - Oct 7Jo Nesbø, The Leopard
Oct 8 - Oct 14Jo Nesbø, The Snowman
 Agatha Christie, At Bertram's Hotel
Oct 15 - Oct 21John Buchan, John Macnab
Oct 22 - Oct 28Agatha Christie, They Came To Baghdad
 Hilary Mantel, An Experiment In Love
 Jo Nesbø, The Devil's Star
Oct 29 - Nov 4Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger
Nov 5 - Nov 11 
Nov 12 - Nov 18Charlie Brooker, Dawn of the Dumb
 Chögyam Trungpa, Cutting through spiritual materialism
Nov 19 - Nov 25Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
 Jo Nesbø, The Redbreast
Nov 26 - Dec 2M. G. Durham, The Lolita Effect: Why the Media Sexualize Young Girls and What You Can Do About It
Dec 3 - Dec 9Joan Aiken, Arabel's Raven
 Alexei Sayle, Barcelona Plates
 Damon Runyon, Guys and Dolls and other stories
Dec 10 - Dec 16Marshall McLuhan/Quentin Fiore, The Medium is the Massage
 Various authors, Just When Stories
Dec 17 - Dec 23Miss Read, Christmas at Thrush Green
Dec 24 - Dec 30Jennifer Lawler, Dojo Wisdom for Mothers