Annotated 67P-Churyumov/Gerasimenko shape model

Screenshot of annotated shape model; links to zipped .obj

UPDATE: this is now rendered thoroughly obsolete by ESA's own shape model page, which now has download and online viewing of both ESA's and Mattias' models, including annotations.

I took Mattias Malmer's excellent shape model of comet 67P and scribbled labels and regional boundaries on it from two sketch maps (one, two) released by ESA, using MeshLab.

This is a very rough job to aid orientation; the accuracy of my transcription should not be relied on, and the source images seem approximate; there's a particularly large inconsistency at the boundary between Imhotep and Ash.

Download the shape model (zipped .OBJ)

Note: the colour information in this .obj file (without which it's pointless) appears to be stored in a non-standard format extension. MeshLab can certainly display it, but I don't know what else can.


Links to other derived versions of Malmer's shape model:

Jacob Nevins, 2015 January 24