A page full of dead links

I don't like deleting things, so I've stored all the dead links that used to be on my home page and elsewhere here. Please don't mail me to tell me that they don't work !

Computer lab unofficial, alternative home page. The World Wide Web Worm, and CUI's W3 Catalogue. Stephen Early (termtime only). Liz Keogh. Jon Knight or Jon Knight. The owner of the latter has posted the former - don't ask me why. Liberal Democrats. A list of the party makeup of all the local councils (after the May 1995 election). A briefing about the Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill (now an Act), which I strongly oppose. Info on Clipper and Skipjack. The 1984 NSA T-shirt. Information about and from the U.S. Government. Cambridge Students in WebWorld. Joel Furr's NetStuff page (t-shirts, &c). ErgoWeb, which contains information about ergonomics standards, studies, practices and so on. The Doom Special Effects page. Arts Cinema listings. Critical Mass in Cambridge - direct action to support the use of bicycles over cars. The (rather out of date) Cambridge CS mail policy leaflet. The Economist's article about the Internet - surprisingly accurate and balanced for coverage in the mainstream media ! HTML level 2. How to quote your finger information as a URL - a demonstration. (That's gopher://login.chiark.greenend.org.uk:79/.ijackson for those of you who don't know how to view the source in your browser.) Information about Linux's forthcoming change to the ELF binary format. The Tix Project. The current CUSFS Missive. A silly opinion code converter for a `proposed great-gender/sexism-debate numbering system' by Dan Sheppard (dps1001@hermes.cam.ac.uk). My private pages - no access to you, sorry ! USENET. If you would like us to take a vote for you please email Ron Dippold rdippold@qualcomm.com.

This page is full of broken links. Sorry.

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