The International Sock of Doom Pattern

The International Sock of Doom has been designed for sheer, simple efficiency. An easy weapon to craft and customise. The rib heavy design has been engineered for adaptability to all manner of lower appendages (e.g. legs and feet).



10 cm2 /4 inches2 = 22 stitches and 30 rows


Rib of Doom Instructions

  1. [K3, P3] work to end of round
  2. [K1,P1] work to end of round



Loosely cast on 48 sts (alternate cable method is good for elasticity and neatness)

Work in K1, P1 rib for 2 cms/1 inch (7 rows)


Work in the Rib of Doom as described for 9cm/3.5 inches (28 rows) finishing with round 2

Heel Flap

Work over 24 sts (half total number) as described below for 6 cm/2.5 inches (18 rows) finishing with row 2

  1. (RS) Sl1, K to end
  2. Sl1, P to end

Turn Heel (thanks persnickety knitter for your correction)

  1. (RS) Sl1, K13, SSK, K1
  2. Sl1, P5, P2tog, P1
  3. Sl1, K6, SSK, K1
  4. Sl1, P7, P2tog, P1
  5. Sl1, K8, SSK, K1
  6. Sl1, P9, P2tog, P1
  7. Sl1, K10, SSK, K1
  8. Sl1, P11, P2tog, P1
  9. Sl1, K12, SSK
  10. Sl1, P12, P2tog = Total 14 sts left on needle


You now have 58 sts on your needles. To make life easy for yourself shuffle them around so you have stitches arranged on your needles as below:

  1. Knit to last 3 sts on needle A, (K 2 tog, K1). Work 24 sts on B. Knit 1, ssk, k to end
  2. Knit all on needle A, work needle B in pattern, knit all on needle C

Continue working these two previous rounds 4 more times, until 48 sts remain on the needles.


Continue straight in pattern as established for the length of your victim's shoe size.

E.g. If your opponent's shoe size is US 8 Women's find it on the chart here and read down the columns to find the length (in this example 25.7cms /10 1/8 inches). You need to account for the toe decrease, so subtract 5cm/2 inches from this measurement (in our example 20.7cm/8 1/8 inches). I'd also subtract a little more to allow for stretch.

Toe Decrease

Toes are worked in plain stockinette all the way round. Arrange your stitches evenly on 2 needles, with top of foot's 24 on one needle (needle A), and sole's 24 on the other (needle B).

  1. K1, ssk, k to final 3 on needle A, K2tog, k1. repeat on needle B (4 stitches decreased)
  2. K all stitches

Repeat these last two rounds 7 more times until there are 20 stitches left on the needles. Cast off and sew together on the reverse side, or work your grafting magic if you are so inclined.

Repeat for sock 2, and mail, mail, mail!

Julie Gardner MMVI

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