5th - 12th Aug 2006

Seven Go Mad in Somerset

(With a little help from their friends)

OK, by now you have worked out how fantastic this place is. You don't need us to tell you. We have hardly been out, so no helpful hints and tips on local attractions.

Prizes awarded so far:-

  1. Best use of a mulberry
    - Mulberry coulis, serve with ice cream - by Ann (birthday girl).
  2. Best cocktail
    - Caipirinha, 1 lime, 1.5 measures cachaca, sugar to taste - Stephanie.
  3. Best hula hooper
    - Emily (no one else did more than 1.5 seconds).
  4. Best alternative use of a hula hoop
    - Ivan (skipping) age 54 2/3 height 5'8".
  5. Best balloon animal
    - Clementine (orange dog): Ann.
  6. Most impressive rocket flight
    - 30ft, 4.5 seconds: Doreen.
  7. Drunken Antics
    - John U.
  8. Worst behaved guide dog
    - Yarna.
  9. Best shopkeeper in Cannington, and probably the world
    - Mr Crabtree: for impromptu credit facilities when emergency cake was required.
  10. Best one-liner
    - In response to the previous entry which identified the spirit of Thomas Mitchell's sister-in-law in the oratory "She couldn't have been murdered in there, there isn't enough room to swing an axe!" - Dave R.
  11. Second-best one-liner
    - "It's going to be really hard going back home; Small house, back to work, and NO CAKE" - also Dave R.
  12. Most adored by a Guide Dog (not his/her own)
    - John F.
  13. Finest Sun-burnt knees
    - Eleanor.
  14. For Valour
    - Mike: First time he is invited to stay with the parents and he gets the whole family in Madness Mode.

A special mention for Ivan, who spent the whole week moving coats around in the hope we would believe it was the spirits. No-one noticed until he told us!

Full details of award of prizes for the photo quiz and 'How well do you know Ann?' quiz on the Gurney Manor Birthday Website (eventually):