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Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Facebook is probably where I'm most active online these days.

I'm also on twitter as @lnr_blair, though I rarely log in.

I'm no longer a member of Google+

Blip, Flickr, Instagram

Most days I try to post a picture relating to Matthew and me on blipfoto.

I also post more sporadically to Instagram and can also be found on Flickr

Livejournal and Dreamwidth

Due to their restrictive new terms and conditions I no longer update my Livejournal, although I still read those of other people, and all my old entries currently remain.

I can now be found on Dreamwidth instead, and still post occasionally.

Alltrails, Strava, Fitbit

I occasionally log my cycling and walking trips as tracks on Strava or blog entries on AllTrails (formerly EveryTrail).

I can also be found on FitBit.

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