Volume 1, Issue 7

January 17, 1998

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. More Ackanomic News

3. Sub-Games a Go Go

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Well, what a week it has been in Ackanomic. Two thread splits, each of which are currently denying their own existence. Despite this, however, life in Ackanomic appears to be returning to normal in most respects. The offices vacated by the dearly departed mr cwm are (possibly) undergoing some re-elections as necessary, while those held by the (lazarus-like in half the threads) Malenkai are partially back with him and partially not. Still, the relevant CFJs are even now being considered by the Supreme Court, who in their sage wisdom will no doubt find a way to see all of Acka clear of the current situation.

The Editor has also been noticing a level of introspection amongst many Ackans. There is discussion that delves deep to the heart of what Ackanomic really is about. Some players have suggested significant changes to the nature of a win, while others are quite happy to see the status quo retained. All that this Editor can suggest is for all Ackans to think very carefully before they make their decisions. Determine exactly whether you would be happy to continue your striving to make Acka a better place once the change goes through, or whether in fact the change is your part of making Acka that better place we all want it to be.


More Ackanomic News

The Ackanomic populace is breaking out in a bout of duelling. It appears to be a multiple conflict between the "young guns" and the "old guard". else...if and Vynd have crossed swords as enemies are wont to do, so nothing surprising there. Meanwhile, The Gingham Wearer in his position as a Priest of banna has challenged the blasphemer Alfvaen to a duel over taking the holy word in vain. Both duels as we speak are being carried out on the Field of Ghost. Six points will surely be the result, as all duels in Acka are to the point.

After a significant lull in proposals, new submissions are once again trickling in. Changes to Acka are still sought by many, and while the land grows ever more complex (or so it seems), the ingenuity of the people seems to be without bound. Even some of the newest of our flock, such as Bill the pirate king, are injecting their very own spirit of change into proceedings. Long may these changes continue to ring out.


Sub Games a Go Go


Round 6 of Viruses is complete, and yet we have no obviously clear leader. Slakko remains ahead on a mere 2 points, but is slightly behind Balsamic Dragon and The Gingham Wearer, both on 1 each, in the current virus counts. Meanwhile, at the rear of the field, Red Barn and /dev/joe are yet to snaffle a Viruspoint, and nor have they grabbed many cells, being on 0 and 1 respectively. This columnist hopes that these laggards become more involved, so that the game itself may become more interesting. After all, the last game ended somewhat abnormally.

The first round in Game 2 of Fictionary is complete, with no-one successfully guessing the Ing word's true meaning. Slakko as Brainiac snuck away with 2 points, while breadbox, Balsamic Dragon and /dev/joe all picked up points themselves by bluffing the other Bluffers. Round 2 is underway, and bears a distinct South American flavour, with 3 definitions mentioning the continent by name. Despite the heckling from non-fictionary players, there is a general feeling that the game will continue unabated. Provided the choice of Ing words is up to the standard set so far by quirpele and salvor, no doubt the game as a whole will be of high quality.

Two rounds into this game, and no-one is currently in a winning position. 2 players are on 1 point, after Goldenmean's mediocre 11 in the first round was matched by The Gingham Wearer's equally mediocre 10 in the second. The Gingham Wearer's mediocre performance saw the first ever nomination for a FairPlay award. No doubt the two Swingpoints will come in handy somehow.



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