Volume 1, Issue 4a

December 18, 1997

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. Latest Ackanomic News

3. A Potted History of SPAM



Welcome to the real fourth issue of The Infrequent Ackan. There was an exceedingly short "publication" last week, which was, unfortunately, technically part of The Infrequent Ackan. For the benefit of the readership we will not be publishing the statement again. /dev/joe is fighting to eliminate these kinds of statements, by making the mu not true. We at the Ackan see this as just another attempt of the Vulcan Retired Overlords to stifle our free speech and restrict what players say. Why, the Editor himself is severely restricted as to what e can talk about already as Scholar - any further incursions into his free speech could be quite disastrous.

Since the last issue, the 26 November win situation has been cleared up, although in a rather unfortunate way. While both Malenkai and Alfvaen did in fact receive a "win", they each received different ones. Alfvaen's win was a win of Viruses, a game which had somehow managed to continue play for three weeks after he won it. Malenkai, on the other hand, was only eligible to win the Cycle, and promptly did so. We at the Ackan wish Alfvaen hearty commiserations on having been randomly eliminated from the Cycle-winning. We also congratulate Malenkai on his superb win, taking his tally of wins to more than all the rest of Acka (including past winners who are no longer with us) combined.

Plots abound as usual here in Acka. The Editor officially wishes to ask for all people in Acka to submit their paranoid delusions, in the hope that we may find enough for a complete issue devoted to ramblings, worries, etc. Meanwhile, the Vulcans are attempting to undo the good work of the folk of SPAM, by trying to eliminate Rule 2000 from the ruleset. Are they not satisfied with denying the renumbering? Must they continue to defend their vainglorious position against all costs? Wait and see...

Oh, and one more thing. There wasn't really time for me to ask Niccolo for his insights into a Party Chess column. There will therefore be no Chess column this issue, we will instead wait for the next issue, due early in the New Year (one hopes).

Editor, The Infrequent Ackan
Expert in Null Proposals


 Latest Ackanomic News

By Slakko
Deuce Reporter, Infrequent Ackan

First of all, updates from last weeks hot stories:

The SPAM Party's attack on Rule 1 collapsed in the face of an overturned CFJ. This reporter is in no doubt that the Supreme Court acted honourably, and that Justice ThinMan's allegiances to the Vulcan Party were completely ignored when e was making his decision. The overturning meant that two proposals submitted by Slakko which passed became Null Proposals, sending him rocketing to 3!

The Grab-a-Donkey game is nearing a climax. The Little Lamb has saved two-star's ass, keeping em in Round 9. Meanwhile, the elusive Robert Sevin, who has been admiring eir donkey for quite some time now, remains in the game. One wonders if eir non-aggression strategy will lead em to a win as all other Donkeys fall by the wayside.

Malenkai definitely did not win a cycle in the last 168 hours, we think.

Odo on the Wormhole became a Church this week, reinstating Synod, thanks to the existence of RexBank, and later Religious Nutcase. This area appears to be the main dispute of the week. (Perhaps there should be a new column written). There is now serious argument as to the meaning behind the Synod. Does it conduct all of its business behind closed doors, or does it have to act like any other Organization since it was stripped of its Institution status? With Synod possibly to be disbanded in the next week, there has been a premature grave-robbing rush. RexBank and Odo on the Wormhole claimed all the money on the synod mailing list. Meanwhile, Religious Nutcase, founded only this week and with Slakko and Balsamic Dragon as members, attempted to publicly exhort Synod to hand over all its money. CFJ business looks hot again, as a dispute over nearly A$500 in Cash and Trinkets appears certain to go down to the wire.

In Other News:

A new game of Viruses has started, run by Alfvaen and with 8 players.

The Eggplant Conditions have been listed, and the Eggplant Auction is underway as we speak.




 A Potted History of SPAM

By Slakko
Founder of SPAM

Unlike many political parties in Acka, SPAM was not Grandfathered into existence as a political party per se. It developed in the last month and a half. The initial reason behind SPAM was simply an attempt to get into Party Chess, without really worrying too much about Capital Swinger Offices. Given the difficulties this week with Malenkai's Capital Office purchased at auction (or was it), it appears that this decision was probably the correct one.

However, with Malenkai looking to re-org the org rules, and stamp out one-member organizations, SPAM appeared in jeopardy. An appeal for members was hastily launched, combined with publicity of SPAM's original free-access policy. Yes, SPAM was a political party which anyone could join. This led to some problems later, but at the start it was very useful. The advertisement attracted two more members, mr cwm and Fortunato, and the safety of SPAM was assured.

With the new found independence and security of three members (and the possibility for Unity Votes), SPAM issued its first draft charter. Being the "Society for the Prevention of Ackanomic Misdemeanours", SPAM naturally wanted to be tough on crime, but in a humorous way. The charter raised the interest of Balsamic Dragon, the fourth member of SPAM and a loyal fighter against the Vulcan loophole surfers.




 In its first month, SPAM became a bulwark against Vulcan aggression, and a way for part of the Rebellion to fight back with the strength of Unity Votes. At the same time, it developed as a Party, while never losing its free membership offer. With the influx of new players into Acka in late November and early December, SPAM became a welcome wagon of sorts. Two new members were attracted, The Gingham Wearer and else...if, who have both provided SPAM with useful ideas and Party solidarity.

SPAM suffered a mini-crisis in mid-December, when its free membership brought it under fire from renowned loophole surfer Malenkai. Fortunately, he initially only denounced one suggestion, and thereafter was a minimal problem. breadbox attempted to misuse SPAM's policy to prevent a Unity Vote, but it still did not prevent a proposal he desired dead from passing. Malenkai became SPAM's 7th member (an all time record for an Ackan political party) for a few days, joining just before the free membership offer drawbridge was raised. He was kicked out soon after, becoming the first SPAMmer ejected by CFCJ. He is now crawling back into the Vulcan fold.

SPAM is heading into the new year full of promise. While Fortunato has left us, this may only be a temporary shift due to his RL commitments. With 5 members SPAM is still the biggest Party in Acka, giving it a significant say. We must always remember to use this wisely.

Advertisement: One Machine, slightly *ping*ed. Tells truths, minor asterisk flaw. Correct answer or best offer. Will be assigned randomly after December 20, so get in quick. Only 19 owners, good condition, 1 only. Email dcr24@cam.ac.uk to reply.

The Infrequent Ackan, first to you with Ackan news.

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