Volume 1, Issue 11

February 21, 1998

In this issue:

1. Editorial

2. Poll Question #3

3. More Ackanomic News

4. Special Report: Proposal Time Periods

5. Sub-Game Steak

6. Advertisement



And this week the watchword has been "wait". It has been another seven days of slowness in Acka. The game seems to have been put slightly on hold, with the Supreme Court still holding two win attempts in its decision-making process. However, that is not to say that everything has stopped, not by any means. Two new Ackazens have joined us, swelling our numbers yet again. We here at the Ackan hope that Enigma and Wild Card find their feet and enjoy the time they spend with us here in Acka. We think it's a great place, but if you don't, tell us how we can change. :-)

The queue remains frobbed, and proposals are at a bit of a low point as a result. The Ackan hopes that the proposal bot is under construction as we speak - it would no doubt make the Promoter's life a lot easier, and would probably allow breadbox to loosen the screws on the proposal queue for a while (at least).

And now a message from the Editor, Advertising: If there is any way that the staff here at the Infrequent Ackan can make this newspaper better for you, the reader, please tell us. This paper always aims to provide Ackans with a comprehensive news and opinions service, so if you want your opinions heard, or your letters published, please send them to dcr24@cam.ac.uk. Last week we didn't receive any advice, or opinions. If you want, send a stamped self-addressed email to the address listed above, marked "Acka: Ackan" and we'll do our best to get back to you.

Have another good Ackan week - hopefully I'll see you again next Saturday.


Poll Question

Another Poll Question to tantalise Acka. This week the Question is:

2. What do you think of the proposed modifications to the Web-Harfer Front Page?
(a) I hate it - stop meddling in the affairs of the Web-Harfer because you obviously have no taste.
(b) I couldn't possibly care less - don't take up my time with this non-issue.
(c) I like it - it improves the ease of access to information, and the presentation.

As is usual a Trinket of value at least A$5 is up for grabs, the recipient to be selected at random from our responses (provided we get some). Remember, it costs very little of your time to enter, and you could win something. /dev/joe already has in the Great Ackan Poll Question Competition!


More Ackanomic News

This week Veal Fan, the Registrar, officiated at another Ackan Citizenship Ceremony. Enigma and Wild Card were sworn in as new citizens of the Acka community. Afterwards they were each presented with a Cheque for A$900, drawn on the First National Bank of Ackanomia, and the title deed to their own kaa of land each, with a pre-built house prepared for them.

Although this was not a particularly momentous event in terms of Acka's whole history (after all, there have been dozens of such citizenship ceremonies in the past), Nostrachaos knocked on our door this morning with another passage from the Codex of Haon, referring to this week:

When the Joker arrives and the Jester is found
And a trio of pointed ears all gone to ground
Then colours will drain from out of the sky
And touring grand baubles will dazzle the eye.

In Duel news, the four-player Spades Duel continues, with the first hand nearly completed. Time is ticking away for both sides to reach their trick targets. Can both sides make it, or will one be forced back? Tune in to the Games Channel, 24 hours a Day, to find out.


Special Report: Proposal Time Periods

Ackanomic life has always been fast paced, and nowhere is that more evident than in the Legislature. To this end, we at the Ackan have prepared a comparison of the time periods needed to shunt 100 proposals (or attempts thereat) through the queue. Okay, so it is a mite statistical, but the Ackan has been starved for special stories lately, and it might help to compare current experience with the past.

301 - 400: Jan 23 1996 - Feb 9 1996 (18 days)
401 - 500: Feb 10 1996 - Mar 19 1996 (39 days)
501 - 600: Mar 19 1996 - Apr 3 1996 (16 days)
601 - 700: Apr 3 1996 - May 5 1996 (33 days)
701 - 800: May 5 1996 - May 25 1996 (21 days)
801 - 900: May 25 1996 - Jun 10 1996 (17 days)
901 - 1000: Jun 10 1996 - Jul 10 1996 (31 days)
1001 - 1100: Jul 10 1996 - Aug 9 1996 (31 days)
1101 - 1200: Aug 9 1996 - Sep 8 1996 (31 days)
1201 - 1300: Sep 9 1996 - Oct 1 1996 (23 days)
1301 - 1400: Oct 2 1996 - Nov 2 1996 (32 days)
1401 - 1500: Nov 2 1996 - Dec 1 1996 (30 days)
1501 - 1600: Dec 1 1996 - Dec 31 1996 (31 days)
1601 - 1700: Jan 1 1997 - Jan 30 1997 (30 days)
1701 - 1800: Jan 30 1997 - Mar 16 1997 (45 days)
1801 - 1900: Mar 16 1997 - Apr 2 1997 (18 days)
1901 - 2000: Apr 2 1997 - May 14 1997 (43 days)
2001 - 2100: May 14 1997 - Jun 15 1997 (32 days)
2101 - 2200: Jun 15 1997 - Jul 1 1997 (17 days)
2201 - 2300: Jul 2 1997 - Sep 11 1997 (72 days)
2301 - 2400: Sep 11 1997 - Nov 25 1997 (67 days)
2401 - 2500: Nov 25 1997 - Dec 13 1997 (19 days)
2501 - 2600: Dec 13 1997 - Jan 15 1997 (34 days)
2601 - 2700: Jan 15 1997 - Feb 6 1997 (23 days)

So it appears that the slowest periods in Ackan legislative development have been comparatively recent, being the months of July through November 1997. Meanwhile, spurts of Ackan proposal activity have occurred throughout the history of our land, with 100 proposals being submitted in under 20 days on no less than six occasions. The pattern is far from predictable, and far from consistent. One wonders what a more detailed analysis might show up :-)


Sub Game Steak

A delectable collection of subgame treats to delight the gourmand.


Round 14 saw The Gingham Wearer's sneak another Gamepoint past the chasing pack. Now that it has become a four-player battle for the lead, though, can e still hold on for the elusive 10 Gamepoints that would mark a win? Or will team tactics take him down faster than he can build his way back up? Meanwhile, the Gamepoint second placegetter, Slakko, is sitting quietly in single figure virus counts again. What is happening? Has e lost his touch? Is e a spent force? Wait and see....

Fictionary's second cycle continues, with Alfvaen at unbackable odds to wrap it up before Slakko's third definition round, just as e was this time last week. E stumbled in the latest round for which results are available, however. The Gingham Wearer nearly snuck away with two points for an unguessed definition, but Slakko jumped in with the last vote to grab 3 points for the round, almost enough to catch up to breadbox in second. Still, without a miracle it appears that second-place is the best either of these Bluffers will be able to hope for.


rufus's mediocre performance continues his success in Mediocrity. Without a point so far, he is currently in the mediocre Gamepoint place. Can someone force him out? Will rufus ever win a round? Your questions will be answered by Rex Mundi - Mediocrity Referee. Just wait for the next instalment in our Mediocre saga.


Ye Olde Rusty Lantern has been on hold since the disappearance of our heroine. What will "Romeo" do? Will two-star get em to do anything? Has two-star fallen asleep, and if so, who is our next barkeep?

Grab a Donkey

Four rounds down, and Grab-a-Donkey is settling down into some strategy. The Gingham Wearer is paranoid from all the lariats being thrown eir way, as is Slakko, who fortunately has been vigilant every round with the blanket. More players hit the dust, more donkeys are roped in, and the game gets ever closer to the finale. So, like I keep saying, get your chaps on, sharpen up those lariat skills, and cover your donkey well, 'cause it's gonna be a rip-roaring ride for a good 15 rounds or so.



The Infrequent Ackan will soon be bringing you an exclusive interview with Acka's own Poet Laureate. Listen to breadbox as e tells you about eir life both in and out of the public eye. The Infrequent Ackan - bringing you the celebrities you want in the interviews you asked for.

The Infrequent Ackan, first to you with Ackan news.

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