Tokyo Holiday

7 days in Japan
by Douglas Reay
and Louise Burfleet
An illustrated holiday diary
2004-10-24 : Sunday
Arrival, Yoyogi, Akihabara
2004-10-25 : Monday
Kamakura, Shinjuku
2004-10-26 : Tuesday
Tokyo Tour
2004-10-27 : Wednesday
Earthquakes, Museums, Martial Arts
2004-10-28 : Thursday
Mt. Fuji Tour
2004-10-29 : Friday
Akihabara, Shiba, Shinjuku, Roppongi
2004-10-30 : Saturday
Sendagaya, Ikebukuro, Departure

We hope this diary was of interest and, if you are heading out too, possibly of use. All feedback welcome.