Updates 2013

This is a list of the updates I made to my photo blog in 2013; there is also a list of the most recent updates. In case it's confusing, the first column is the date of the update; the dates in brackets are when the photos were taken.

2013-10-27 The paddle-steamer Waverley and other ships (2013-06-02) Waverley, ships and the ferry European Endeavour (2013-06-03), ships (2013-06-04), ships (2013-06-05), Boudicca (2013-06-06), ships (2013-06-07), ships, the Yakovlevs Display Team and fireworks (2013-06-08), the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity (2013-06-09), ships (2013-06-10), Liverpool docks (2013-06-11), ships (2013-06-12), the crew-transfer boat Abersoch Bay (2013-06-13), ships (2013-06-16), Stena Lagan, ships and Liverpool docks (2013-06-19), Astor, ships and the Stena Ferries (2013-06-20), ships (2013-06-21), ships and the Royal Liver Building (2013-06-22), ships and Liverpool docks (2013-06-23), ships (2013-06-24), ships (2013-06-26), ships (2013-06-29), ships and a rainbow (2013-06-30), sunrise and ships (2013-07-01), the cruise ship Caribbean Princess, ships and the tug Afon_Goch(2013-07-03), ships (2013-07-04), ships (2013-07-13), ships, the cruise ship The World and Stena ferries (2013-07-14), RFA Wave Ruler and ships (2013-07-15), hundreds of photos of planes at the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford (2013-07-20), red kites (2013-08-18), the Aire Valley Sculpture Trail (2013-08-26) and Oxford (2013-08-27).
2013-09-01 Ships, warships, Archer-class patrol boats, Groemitz, HMS Pembroke, HMS Edinburgh and HMCS Iroquois (2013-05-23), ships, Polish frigate ORP Kościusko, counter-piracy demonstration, warships and some night shots (2013-05-24).
2013-08-05 Ships (2013-05-14), the cruise ship Discovery (2013-05-16), Queen Mary 2, ships and graffiti (2013-05-17), Celebrity Infinity, mooring operations and a Canada goose (2013-05-18), ships (2013-05-21), Sea Explorer, ships, the Albert Dock and the University of Liverpool (2013-05-22), Vice-Admiral Kulakov, minesweepers, Canning Dock, Cammell Laird, HMS Edinburgh, RFA Fort Rosalie, Liverpool and warships at dusk (2013-05-26) and Battle of the Atlantic memorial sail-past (HMS Bulwark, HMS Edinburgh, BNS Louise-Marie, ORP Kościusko, HMCS Iroquois, HMS Pembroke, THV Patricia, Lifeboats), Ships and an Airbus Beluga (2013-05-28).
2013-05-12 Tittybottle Park, Otley (2013-03-30), ships (2013-04-04), warships, ships and a herring gull (2013-04-05), ships and warships (2013-04-06), the tanker Bomar Pluto (2013-04-07), ships (2013-04-08), warships and ships (2013-04-09), gig boats and HMS Echo (2013-04-10), the tug boat Clifton and reflected sun (2013-04-12), Liverpool docks and RFA Diligence (2013-04-13), ships (2013-04-14), ships (2013-04-17), ships and Liverpool's Chinatown (2013-04-20), ships, the cruise ship Boudicca, some Lensbaby shots, a rainbow and the eggsperiment (2013-04-21), ships (2013-04-22), ships (2013-04-25), ships (2013-04-27), ships and the cruise ship Discovery (2013-04-28), ships and a rainbow (2013-04-29), Lensbaby shots (2013-05-01), the cruise ship Boudicca (2013-05-03), Hilbre Island and ships (2013-05-04), ships (2013-05-05), ships and sunset (2013-05-06), ships (2013-05-07), ships (2013-05-08), ships (2013-05-09), ships (2013-05-10) and more ships and Canada geese (2013-05-12).
2013-05-05 Jackson, WY and Grand Teton National Park, WY (wildlife, flowers, landscape) (2009-06-21), a new-born foal (2010-04-16), Driving in Maine (2010-06-11) and La Pedrera and the Sagrada Família, Barcelona (2013-03-03).
2013-03-29 Kiel and ships in Kiel (2013-03-01), Barcelona and Park Güell (2013-03-03), ships (2013-03-09), ships (2013-03-10), ships (2013-03-11), ships (2013-03-12), ships (2013-03-13), ships (2013-03-15), ships (2013-03-16), the new refuelling tanker Mersey Endurance (2013-03-20), HMS Echo (2013-03-23), ships (2013-03-24), ships (2013-03-25), ships (2013-03-26), (2013-03-27) and ships (2013-03-29).
2013-03-24 Sunset in the White Mountain National Forest (2010-06-12).
2013-03-23 Driving in Colorado and The Million Dollar Highway (2011-06-15).
2013-03-18 Offshore support ship Polar Prince (2013-02-24), ships (2013-02-25) and Manchester Ariport, Kiel, ships in Kiel and the Kiel Canal (2013-02-27).
2013-02-23 Dr Seuss National Memorial, Connecticut and Rhode Island (2010-06-13), Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta and regatta redux (2012-09-02), Cats and catnip (2012-12-31), National Museum of Rollerskating and The Cat House, Lincoln, NE, cats and other stuff (2013-01-04), Shoemaker Marsh, Lincoln, NE and other things (2013-01-06), dawn in Liverpool and the tanker Eships Bainunah (2013-01-09), sunrise (2013-01-13), woods near Dagstuhl, Germany (2013-01-16), Schloss Dagstuhl (2013-01-17), the cargo ship Arklow Racer (2013-01-19), snow (2013-01-21), the tankers Chemtrans Havel (2013-01-23) and Guyenne (2013-01-24), ships and snow (2013-01-25), ships (2013-01-26), Birkenhead Docks and Hamilton Square station (2013-01-27), ships (2013-01-29), the tanker Maracas Bay (2013-01-31), HMS Grimsby (2013-02-01), HMS Grimsby, other ships and Liverpool (2013-02-02), HMS Grimsby (2013-02-03), ships (2013-02-07), ships (2013-02-08), the French naval tug Tenace (2013-02-10), ships (2013-02-11), ships (2013-02-12), HMS Illustrious (2013-02-14), HMS Illustrious and other ships (2013-02-15), HMS Illustrious and the container ship Atlantic Cartier (2013-02-16), HMS Illustrious at sunset (2013-02-17), Greenwich, sunset and Canary Wharf (2013-02-19), the dredger UKD Sealion (2013-02-22) and ships (2013-02-23).
2013-01-02 Driving in Colorado and Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO (2011-06-16), sunrise, LÉ Eithne and other ships (2012-11-23), the Manchester Ship Canal and National Waterways Museum (2012-11-25), sunrise and ships (2012-11-26), the oil tanker NS Arctic (2012-11-27), sunrise and ships (2012-11-30), ships, Liverpool docks and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal (2012-12-02), ships and a double rainbow (2012-12-03), the gas tanker Gas Arctic (2012-12-04), the Cruise Terminal linkspan, ships, an indoor rainbow and a Marines helicopter (2012-12-05), fishing boats and HMS Mersey (2012-12-07), HMS Mersey (2012-12-08), HMS Mersey and Liverpool docks (2012-12-09), Liverpool before dawn (2012-12-10), sunrise and ships (2012-12-11), sunrise (2012-12-13), the gas tanker Auteuil (2012-12-15), Lincoln, NE (2012-12-22), Driving to Omaha, General Crooke house and the Durham Museum (2012-12-23), Cupid and Taylor (2012-12-24), Taylor (2012-12-28) and cats and catnip, snow, Roper Park and Lincoln, NE (2012-12-29).

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