In case it's confusing, the first column is the date of the update; the dates in brackets are when the photos were taken.

2016-09-25 Hinksey, Oxon. (2015-09-06); St Giles Fair, Oxford (2015-09-07); “Another Place” at Crosby (2015-09-12); Sefton Park and Speke Hall, Liverpool (2015-09-13); Brasenose Wood, Oxford (2015-09-27); and Brasenose Wood, Oxford (2015-10-25).
2016-09-22 Squirrels (2016-09-22).
2016-09-04 The Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, sunset and San Francisco (2016-02-06); Albany Hill Park (2016-02-13); and the Bay Bridge, ships and sunset (2016-02-14).
2016-08-06 Oxford Business Park and Brasenose Wood (2015-11-01); Oxford Christmas Market (2015-12-19); Flooding in Esholt (2015-12-27); Aquatic Park, Berkeley, CA (2016-01-24); the Berkeley Hills (2016-01-30); Berkeley (2016-01-31); Berkeley Marina (2016-02-20); Aquatic Park and César Chávez Park, Berkeley (2016-02-27); Berkeley (2016-03-06); U.C. Berkeley Botanical Gardens (2016-03-19); Emeryville, CA (2016-03-26); Berkeley murals (2016-04-02); Berkeley and Oakland (2016-04-03); hiking in the rain (Muir Woods, Mount Tamalpais and Stinson Beach) (2016-04-09); and Richmond, CA (2016-04-30).
2015-08-13 Teramachi Dori and Nishiki market, Kyoto (2015-07-05); Takaragaika Park, Kyoto (2015-07-08); Kyoto wildlife (2015-07-09); and Kyoto at night (2015-07-11).
2015-05-02 Otley Chevin (2014-04-19); Nostell Priory (2014-04-20); Heron Haven, Omaha, NE and driving in Nebraska (2014-05-09); Pioneers Park, Lincoln, NE and Ursa (2014-05-17); a cinnabar moth (2014-05-26); False Creek and English Bay, Granville Island, VanDusen Botanical Garden (gardens, wildlife, art, totem poles, visitor centre) and Vancouver harbour (2014-05-08); ships (2014-06-13); Rose Hill Cemetery (2014-12-21); The Moon (2015-01-31); Shotover Country Park (2015-02-21); St Lawrence's Church, Toot Baldon (2015-03-01); the Mini factory and the Oxfordshire countryside (2015-03-07); The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield (2015-04-03); Salt's Mill, Saltaire (2015-04-05); Yorkshire Sculpture Park (2015-04-07); and Bloodhound SSC mock-up (2015-04-14).
2015-01-02 Boston, MA and Providence, RI (the Rhode Island State House, downtown, the Providence River waterfront, College Hill and the Roger Williams National Memorial) (2014-03-16); Providence, RI (2014-03-18); Providence, RI (2014-03-20); Providence, RI (2014-03-21); Brown University, sculptures by Gilbert Franklin, College Hill, the Rhode Island State House and a red-tailed hawk (2014-03-22); Flood level markers (2014-03-23); Jerrison Wood (2014-04-18); cats (2014-05-07); a common grackle (2014-05-11); Lincoln, NE, and cats (2014-05-12); driving in Nebraska and Iowa, Elk Horn, IA, driving in Iowa and Winterset, IA (the birthplace of John Wayne) (2014-05-13); Sunken Gardens, Lincoln, NE (2014-05-15); Cupid and a peanut van (2014-05-16); Canada from the air (2014-06-07); ships, Capilano Suspension Bridge, seaplanes, cruise ships and downtown Vancouver (2014-06-09); Vancouver waterfront, ships, Vancouver Aquarium, Lions Gate Bridge and Stanley Park (2014-06-10); ships (2014-06-11); ships and seaplanes (2014-06-12); downtown Vancouver and English Bay (2014-06-13); ships, Vancouver waterfront, Lost Lagoon and Vancouver fibs (2014-06-14); Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden and False Creek (2014-06-15); trains at Derby (2014-06-29); Challaborough Bay Holiday Park and Castle Drogo (2014-08-08); a hot air balloon (2014-08-31); Astons Eyot (2014-09-21); Bletchley Park (buildings, Alan Turing and exhibits) (2014-10-02); Waddesdon Manor (grounds, the manor, the interior, the aviary and the Lod Mosaic) (2014-10-03); the Oxfordshire countryside (2014-10-05); the Oxfordshire countryside (2014-10-19) and the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museum (2014-12-06).

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