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Thursday, 2nd October Bletchley Park (buildings, Alan Turing and exhibits)
Friday, 3rd October Waddesdon Manor (the grounds, the manor, the interior, the aviary and the Lod Mosaic)
Sunday, 5th October The Oxfordshire countryside
Sunday, 19th October The Oxfordshire countryside

Thursday, 2nd October

Bletchley Park


Lake and mansion Block A Block B Delapidated hut

Alan Turing

Hut 8 Turing's office Turing's desk Turing's mug
Sculpture of Alan Turing by Stephen Kettle Sculpture of Alan Turing by Stephen Kettle


Three-rotor Enigma machine Four-rotor Tirpitz Enigma machine Lorenz SZ40 cipher attachment Rear view of bombe Rear view of bombe
Despatch motorbike Caricatures 'Chocolate Soldier from the USA'

Friday, 3rd October

Waddesdon Manor

The grounds

Red kite (Milvus milvus) Red kite (Milvus milvus) Grounds Grounds
Grounds South façade Grounds Grounds
Grounds Pine trees Grounds Bird planter
Statue of Pan Statue Statue Statue Statue

The manor

South-west tower Parterre garden Fountain and south façade Fountain
Urns Parterre garden and south façade Fountain and north façade North façade


Breakfast room chandelier Writing desk, morning room Furniture, morning room Armory Koala
Sculpture 'Boy Building a House of Cards' by Jean-Simeon Chardin 'The Sleeping Beauty: The Princess and the Court Fall Asleep for a Hundred Years' by Léon Bakst


Aviary Black spotted barbet (Capito niger) Bird
Snowy crowned robin chat (Cossypha niveicapilla) Brown breasted barbet (Capito brunneipectus)

The Lod Mosaic

A Roman mosaic from Lod, Israel (formerly Lydda). It was found during road widening work and seems to travel around the world being exhibited in various placed.

The Lod Mosaic The Lod Mosaic Hare and hound Pigeon Leopard and antelope

Sunday, 5th October

Ripon College, Cuddesdon Farm house near Cuddesdon

Sunday, 19th October

Blowing leaves Blowing leaves Blowing leaves Blowing berries Blowing leaves
St Giles' Church, Horspath Wheatley windmill Weatley windmill Great Haseley windmill Freshly sprouting winter crops
All Saints Church, Cuddesdon Graveyard of All Saints Church, Cuddesdon

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