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Friday, 1st March Kiel
Ships in Kiel
Sunday, 3rd March Barcelona
La Pedrera
Park Güell
Sagrada Família (Passion Façade, Nativity Façade, interior and stained glass and going up the tower)
Saturday, 9th March Ships
Sunday, 10th March Ships
Monday, 11th March Ships
Tuesday, 12th March Ships
Wednesday, 13th March Ships
Friday, 15th March Ships
Saturday, 16th March Ships
Wednesday, 20th March Mersey Endurance
Saturday, 23rd March HMS Echo
Sunday, 24th March Ships
Monday, 25th March Ships
Tuesday, 26th March Ships
Wednesday, 27th March Ships
HMS Echo
Friday, 29th March Ships
Saturday, 30th March Tittybottle Park, Otley

Friday, 1st March


Kleiner Kiel City Hall St Nicholas church St Nicholas church Bison sculpture
Crane HDW shipyards


HDW Herkules U33 (S183) Botnia Seaways Victoria Seaways

Sunday, 3rd March


Casa Pascual i Pons Casa Rocamora Edificio Unión y el Fénix Español Edificio Unión y el Fénix Español Casa Batlló
Obelisk at Cinc d'Oros Casa Fuster hotel Barclays Bank Casas Ramos Convent of the Virgin Mary Sant Joan church, Plaça Virreina
Decorated shutter Decorated stop sign Decorated shutter Decorated shutter Decorated shutter
La Monumental Doctor Robert monument Hotel Palace Generali Building Blowing bubbles

La Pedrera

La Pedrera Courtyard Courtyard Stairwell Vent shaft Chimneys
Attic windows Chimneys Chimney Chimneys Chimneys
Chimney Chimney Chimneys Chimneys Stairwell Chimneys
Chimneys Chimneys Attic vaulting Attic vaulting
Attic vaulting Foyer Street lamp and La Pedrera

Park Güell

Gatehouse Park entrance Colonnades Colonnades Viaduct Viaduct
The square Monk parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus) Park Güell Viaduct
Ceiling rose Ceiling rose Ceiling rose Ceiling rose
Salamander sculpture Water spout Sculpture
Barcelona Barcelona

Sagrada Família

Passion Façade

Passion Façade Passion Façade Crucifixion St Thomas St Philip Christ's entombment
Pilate's court Jesus St Thomas Passion Façade St Philip

Nativity Façade

Nativity Façade Bassoonist Violinist and lutenist Heralds
Marriage of Joseph and Mary Jesus in the manger Jesus working as a carpenter Geese

Interior and stained glass

Bust of Gaudí Nave ceiling Nave Stained glass Stained glass Stained glass Stained glass
Stained glass Stained glass Organ pipes Stained glass

Going up the tower

Church of Saint Francesc of Sales View to the south-west St Thomas Tower interior
Fruit pinnacle Fruit pinnacle Statue Statue Spiral staircase

Saturday, 9th March

Gaillion Gardian Front Njord

Sunday, 10th March

Schillig Stolt Shearwater Northern Ocean after leaving Stanlow for Porvoo, Finland
Alice Theresa Alcedo

Monday, 11th March

Hebrides passing Stena Mersey Hebrides

Tuesday, 12th March

Coastal Deniz

Wednesday, 13th March

Lia Jet Star PV Kittiwake
Kestrel and Svitzer Maltby Kestrel

Friday, 15th March

Seaport Alpha Svitzer Sussex and Whalsa Lass Stella Virgo Lydian Trader

Saturday, 16th March

Turnstone Stella Virgo Stella Virgo Aasheim
Aasheim Dugi Otok and Stella Virgo Dugi Otok assisted by Svitzer Maltby (bow), Svitzer Nari (port quarter) and Svitzer Stanlow (stern)

Wednesday, 20th March

World Oils has had a new tanker built to refuel ships in the docks and on the river.

Mersey Endurance

Saturday, 23rd March

HMS Echo, one of the Royal Navy's two coastal survey and research ships.

HMS Echo (H87) Polar Prince and HMS Echo (H87) Polar Prince and HMS Echo (H87)

Sunday, 24th March

Alina Manannan Eagle Toledo

Monday, 25th March

SKS Mersey passing Stena Mersey HMS Echo (H87)

Tuesday, 26th March

HMS Echo (H87) Polar Prince and HMS Echo (H87) Polar Prince
Rich Duchess II Kemira Gas

Wednesday, 27th March


Rusich-7 Ashgarth RIB

HMS Echo

HMS Echo leaving in an unseasonal blizzard.

HMS Echo (H87) HMS Echo (H87) HMS Echo (H87)
HMS Echo (H87) HMS Echo (H87) and Ashgarth HMS Echo (H87)
HMS Echo (H87) HMS Echo (H87), Consortium and a Stena ferry HMS Echo (H87)

Friday, 29th March

Rusich-7 Chemtrans Rhine assisted by Svitzer Maltby (bow) and Ashgarth (stern) Pride

Saturday, 30th March

Surprisingly, this small park in Otley is semi-officially known as Tittybottle Park, because it was once popular with nursing mothers.

Tittybottle Park sign

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