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Wednesday, 1st June Ships
Thursday, 2nd June Ships
Saturday, 4th June HMS Severn
Other shipping
Sunday, 5th June A pigeon on my balcony
Monday, 6th June Ships
Wednesday, 8th –
Saturday, 25th June
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Monday, 27th June An oil tanker
Tuesday, 28th June Ships
Wednesday, 29th June The cruise liner Astor and other ships
Thursday, 30th June A ferry

Wednesday, 1st June

Stolt Egret Tenna Kosan Arklow Fern Caroline Theresa
Vega Gas Arctic NS Arctic

Thursday, 2nd June

The Isle of Man Steam Packet own two fast ferries but they took the smaller and older one, Snaefell, out of service a while go and she's been laid up at Cammell Laird. However, they have a big surge in traffic while the Isle of Man TT is on so they've brought her back into service to run extra sailings.

Snaefell PV Puffin Navion Scandia PV Puffin

Saturday, 4th June

HMS Severn

Sister ship to HMS Mersey, who was here in April.

HMS Severn (P282) HMS Severn (P282) and Svitzer Maltby Svitzer Maltby PV Kittiwake, HMS Severn (P282), Svitzer Maltby, Royal Daffodil and a Henty tanker
Kittiwake and HMS Severn (P282) HMS Severn (P282) HMS Severn (P282) HMS Severn (P282), PV Petrel (l) and PV Kittiwake (r)

Other shipping

OK so Alexandra Tower isn't actually a ship. They don't normally bring container ships this far downriver but it seems that this was Independent Voyager's maiden voyage so, if I'd waited a little longer, I'd have seen the tugs turn on their fire hoses to welcome her into port.

PV Kittiwake Independent Voyager, being assisted by Svitzer Maltby (stern) and Svitzer Bidston (bow) South towing Terra Marinique Alexandra Tower

Sunday, 5th June

I found this pigeon perched on my balcony. He didn't seem to mind when I took photos of HMS Severn so I took some of him, too. He didn't even mind when I fired my flash at him.

Feral pigeon (Columba livia) Feral pigeon (Columba livia) Feral pigeon (Columba livia)
Unity Residential HMS Severn (P282)

Monday, 6th June

HMS Severn slipped away this morning. One time I looked out of my window, she was there; the next, she wasn't. Pidge had gone before I woke, leaving only a neat little pile of pidgeon poo in the corner.

Twin Sister in Prince's Dock Line Bodil Knutsen Bodil Knutsen

Wednesday, 8th – Saturday 25th June

In the USA — see separate page.

Monday, 27th June

Seaturbot, assisted by Svitzer Stanlow and Svitzer Bidston

Tuesday, 28th June

Removing weeds from Prince's Dock Chemical Voyager assisted by Smit Collingwood Chemical Voyager assisted by Smit Collingwood
PV Kittiwake PV Kittiwake Lady Martine

Wednesday, 29th June


Astor and Smit Collingwood Astor Astor Astor
Astor Astor Astor Astor and Manannan
Astor Astor

Other shipping

Snowdrop Snowdrop Snowdrop and Mersey Seaways Jolanta
Keewhit and Snowdrop CSL Clyde and Snowdrop Wilson Holm Laura M
Stolt Fulmar and Stolt Petrel Stolt Fulmar Stolt Petrel Seaturbot
Weeding Prince's Dock Vinga Safir

Thursday, 30th June

Mersey Seaways

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