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Thursday, 14th January Flying home from the US
Tuesday, 19th January A walk
Wednesday, 20th January Leeds International Pool demolition site
Friday, 29th January A walk
Sunday, 31st January Golden birch

Thursday, 14th January

Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport, Atlanta, GA.

Delta Air Lines Boeing 767-300ER Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400

Tuesday, 19th January

A stroll down the lane.

Barbed wire Field

Wednesday, 20th January

Base of roof column Screening rock Front loader loading Site overview
Front loader moving spoil Front loader moving spoil Front loader moving spoil Front loader dumping spoil
Front loader Site overview Earthmoving Excavator backfilling
Excavator backfilling Site overview Meeting Meeting over
Rolling mud Site overview Site overview Site overview Earthmoving

Friday, 29th January


Dry-stone wall Sheep Sheep

Sunday, 31st January


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