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Monday, 10th August River Aire
Thursday, 20th August Rainbow
Saturday, 22nd August Abstract
Tuesday, 25th August Approaching storm
Thursday, 27th August Durham
Dunday, 30th August Guiseley

Monday, 10th August

A wander down the River Aire. I'm not sure what the first bird is — a juvenile starling, perhaps?

Bird Swans and cygnets Swan and cygnets Derelict mill

Thursday, 20th August

Rainbow Rainbow

Saturday, 22nd August

The only shot from an otherwise unproductive walk with my camera

Grid thing

Tuesday, 25th August

Storm over Beeston

Thursday, 27th August

I was in Durham for a job interview. (I didn't get the job.) The stencil graffiti's on a telco box in the street; the other shots are at the Cathedral.

Stencil graffiti Sanctuary knocker Pipistrelle bat Pipistrelle bat Pipistrelle bat Pipistrelle bats Ceiling boss
Ceiling boss Ceiling boss Ceiling boss Coat of arms

Sunday, 30th August

I went to visit mum and dad in Guiseley and we took a walk down the lane to Esholt.

Grazing cattle Bullock Fern Fence
Gate post Eagle lectern Wet leaves Lost Shoe

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