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Saturday, 2nd May

Oh, wow! Google Moon! How cool is that?

Sunday, 3rd May

ePhotozine has a system for marking comments on people's photos as being “constructive critique”. In the header of each comment you make, it puts a little coloured icon to indicate how many CCs you've made — blue for under twenty-five (which I swear looks like a little blue teddy bear but I think it's actually a cup superimposed over a five-pointed star), bronze for twenty-five to, er, something more than that, and then silver and gold. I'd gradually worked my way up to twenty-three since joining the site last November and got two more today from comments that I've made over the weekend, giving me my little bronze icon.

And I'm sure people are looking at my comments differently, now. There aren't many people who have more than fifteen or so CC points so icons other than the blue one are pretty rare. Anyway, I have no other explanation for the fact that, since getting bronzed early this afternoon, I've received another four CC points today. Especially since a couple of them were for comments that certainly fit the description of “constructive critique” but which I wouldn't have expected anyone to nominate. Anyway, I'm rather chuffed with myself. Thanks, people.

Also, I've posted bits of blog and photos from last month.

Monday, 4th May

Hey, guess what? Bank holiday and dreary weather.

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