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Saturday, 24th September

Arrival in Athens was a little more exciting than expected as we came in weaving our way between the thunder clouds. Very cool -- never flown through thunder before. First taste of Athenian life: tonight, the Metro wasn't running to the airport because they were, presumably, working on the tracks. No, there weren't any signs or tannoy announcements mentioning this in the terminal building (not that I'd have understood them, though Greek for `Metro' is `Metro' so I might have got the idea that something was going on and asked); yes, since you ask, my bags were just a little bit heavy. Thankfully, a nice lady told me where the busses were and suggested I change back onto the Metro at Ethniki Amyna, so it didn't go too badly.

Landlord and -lady met me at the flat and showed me how everything works. They're friendly; the flat is nice. Views up the street to the National Observatory, which is lit up at night, and down the street to a pretty church. Would have taken photos but I left the USB lead for my camera at home (thankfully, Tim and Jen found it when they popped round to sort out keys and things) so not much point until that arrives.


Sunday, 25th September

Sleeeeeeeeeep. Got up mid-afternoon, pottered around, had dinner at a mediocre café (plenty more to choose from so no worries there and you can't complain much when you get to sit outside in a T-shirt at 9pm at the end of September, with a glorious view of the Parthenon), pottered around some more.

Dammit, CNN, be more US-biased. You've just had another hurricane in your country and I'd like to know about that please, if you could spare a minute from your continuous reiteration that a Lebanese news presenter has been blown up and you don't know anything more that so you can stop telling us nothing about it again and again.


Monday, 26th September

First day at work. Yiannis Moschovakis had told me he'd be in from about ten so I reckoned I'd try to get there a little after that. We both failed -- he arrived a little before eleven, worried that I'd have been sitting around with nothing to do for an hour; I arrived a little after eleven, worried that I'd look a bit slack. Honours about even, I think.

No office of my own, yet, so I'm using at Yiannis's spare computer. There's a lovely view out of the window, of which a photo might appear at some point. [2005-11-03. Here you go. The photo of the department was taken a little later but who cares?]

View from office window The Department at sunset

Lunch was funny -- there were clouds in the sky (!) so Yiannis and Costas [Dimitracopoulos] were both paranoid that it would rain on the way to and from the café. Needless to say, it didn't.

There's a supermarket handily placed near the university on the way home. Crunchy Nut Cornflakes!

Thursday, 29th September

OK, so I can see why Yiannis and Costas were worried about the rain. Every day since Monday, there've been thunderstorms between about 3:30 and 5:30. The university's on the leeward side of a mountain, which seems to result in a certain amount of localized but heavy rain. The road down the hill turned into a river but the roads were all dry at home, three or four miles away. They'd put sand-bags outside the Metro station, though.

Still no office...

Local explorations have revealed a Spar supermarket that's much better than the thing near the university and just around the corner from home. Also, a baker's shop that looks pretty good but I've not had chance to buy anything there, yet.

Friday, 30th September

No thunderstorm today! The other recurring theme of the week has been the eighteen copies of the same text message I've received from Louise because the network thinks I need to be reminded often that it's exciting to be in a new country and that I should get a good night's sleep. :-)

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