Naked Man

At present there is nothing here except the first concept drawing. Beware that Naked Man contains adult content - to wit, pictures of chaps with no clothes on, and off-colour jokes, with any luck. There are no pictures of underdressed women with unfeasibly large breasts here; if you want those, buy an American superhero comic.

If no image appears, your browser doesn't understand PNGs. Bad browser. Naked Man is visible in all his glory even to you, however.

Naked Man standing strong
and tallFrom out of the depths of nudity comes... Naked Man!! Yes, Naked Man. Defender of Justice and Ruthless Exposer of Criminals. Naked Man, Scourge of Evil and Protector of Cleanliness! Naked Man, who has No Clothes On at bloody well all! Yes, Naked Man! Naked Man Leaps into a phone box - you will Gasp as he Removes his mild-mannered Garb to reveal the obsequious Naked Man! Watch as he Apologises to the previous occupant of the phone box! Thrill to the way he Deflects Bullets with his Justice Knockwurst, then Curls into a Little Ball and Screams! It's Naked Man!. See.