Room typeSearch?StairsFall intoTeleport intoOther
TowerNoDo not placeImpossibleOKMove again, like Corridor.
TrapNoYesd6OK (but Trap)Draw a Trap.
Rotating RoomNoDo not placed6, room is untriggeredRoom is untriggeredRotates, amazingly enough.
ChasmYes (on your side)Yes (on specific side)Luck check if did not fall from Chasm (otherwise fall), d6Luck check or fallCan leap. Check bottom level when drawn.
CorridorNoYesd6, do not moveDo not moveMove again if entered normally.
PortcullisYes (cannot bypass portcullis)Yesd6, portcullis already downPortcullis already downIs it correct to say "clang!" if the portcullis is already down?
Cave-InNoDo not placed6, stuckStuckIf try to climb/stairs up into Cave-In, d12-Armour, do not move.
Bottomless PitNoDo not place, Luck check if descend stairs to PitFallLuck check or fallAgility check if climbing down not from like-aligned Pit. Check bottom level when drawn.
Chamber of DarknessNoYesd6OKCan never climb up (can levitate); if leave downstairs, Agility check or d3.
Narrow BridgeYes (on your side)Yes (on specific side)ImpossibleLuck check or fallOn bottom level, treat as Stairs. Archers with ropes cross, Luck check.
StairsYesYesd6OKHas stairs, otherwise treat like Room.
Spider WebNoYesNo damage, stuckStuckCuriously, never contains spider.
CollapsedNoDo not place. Stairs cannot lead here.Impossible FallCannot jump, no Room card - just a void. Place after Cave-In card on bottom level.
Treasure ChamberNoNoImpossible (would be d6 damage, dragon wakes)Luck check or die & dragon wakesCan never climb, even with Rope.

Hello, I am some random notes! A Secret Door can never bypass a printed door or portcullis. If you fail to climb up and fall, and the rules call for d6 damage, take d3, and draw no Room or Trap card, like other cases where you try to move but fail. Besides when tiles let you climb up and down, climb down after evading a Trapdoor; up after falling through one. Rope gives +2 bonus to climbing, and discard it to turn a failed climb down into a success.