Typos in City of Heroes and City of Villains



Character creator

Pre-mission helpful hints


1-5 Mutant
A clue reads "this small, brass key" - spurious comma.
Flux (Hollows Contact #2)
Flux opens with "First thing's first". Apostrophe. He's also often "Flux theOutcast", spacing error.
35-40 Doctor arc
A clue for this arc begins "This is e-mail message is..."
Brickstown Safeguard
The lead Warhulk says "Stop or you be shot!" (arguably, mob personality).
Shadow Seed arc
Dark Vampyri confuse "to" and "too".
Police Radio missions
You can still get messages about "The the [item]" if a glowie hunt was to retrieve "The item".
Midnight Club final clue
"humanities gain" is missing the apostrophe which ends up in "They're hope" (ugh)

NPC dialogue, zones

OLD TYPOS: these are just kept for reference, and predate my return



Police Radio missions
"Sometimes the most vigilant guardians of the city are it's citizens themselves" - spurious apostrophe. All Police Radio missions end "Mission Accomplished" without a full stop. There's a description with the text "thier wicked ways". There's a villain called "Inferno," - not many names have a comma in. There's glowie objects called "the Tome of [something]" - the "the" produces confused messages in various places (e.g. "Recover the the Tome ..."). There's a mission glowie marked "it's just waiting for it's true owner to return" in its clue - apostrophe.
King's Row Safeguard
There's a side mission where you get the key from Vahzilok. The clue says "Find out what the Skulls were talking about".
Unknown Skulls mission
The message after some Skulls boss+guards mission implies you have been fighting Hellions.
Mr Bocor (5-10 Port Oakes): Defeat all Hellions in hideout.
Mr Bocor, talking about his lost book, says "now that I've had time to contemplate it's absence". Spurious apostrophe. In the same briefing he also says "I beleive people call it 'Oil Spill'"; this should be believe". After this mission is complete, he says "And now the Legacy Chain have involved themselves due to the bumbling of those Hellion fools no doubt", which is quite a mouthful without any commas; he also mentions "synchonicity". In the briefing for the next arc mission, he mentions "'Duke Mordragor's little ritual" - confusion between scare quotes and the possessive apostrophe. There's also a mission in this arc where the popup box at the start refers to "the Hellion's hideout"; I think more than one Hellion is involved.
Seer Marino (15-20 Mercy Island): Get records, leave no witnesses
Seer Marino says "The facility is locaed on Mercy Isle. I will give you it's location". "locaed" and "it's" - two for the price of one.
15-19 Magic origin: Save Hacker from Tsoo.
When the mission is complete the sentence "You have rescued the hacker and retieved the files" appear. This should read "retrieved", and is also missing a full stop.
15-19 Magic origin: Take Artifact to [contact].
It is possible for the contact assigned for this story arc mission to be the contact for the arc itself. If you phone them up the resulting message implies they are not self-aware.
15-19 Mutant origin: Defeat Outcasts in Steel Canyon
"You have defeated out enough Outcasts to..." - "out" is superfluous.
15-19 Mutant origin: Vahz Plague arc
"These samples are the disease in it's pure form." Spurious apostrophe. Also, Patient Zero says a sentence ending "successes" without a full stop.
20-25 Natural origin: Antigravity Matrix temporary power.
The description for this temp power says it has 2 hours of usage, but the counter reads 1:30:00.
20-25 Villains: defeat Longbow Elite Boss named Ballista.
This EB can refer to the villain as "HeroName".
25-30 Natural origin: Combat Sky Raider menace.
When this defeat-30 mission is done, the message reads "You have defeated out enough Sky Raiders."
25-30 Natural origin: capture Frankie and his men.
The text for this non-arc mission says "Frankie might be willing to talk if he thinks that it he could be protected," - the "it" is spurious.
25-30 Natural Origin: Stop Dimensional Shunt (timed versus Sky Raiders).
Glowies in this mission say "You have de-actived the Geospatial Antennae" - should be "de-activated", and it's another missing full stop. Also, at the end of this mission, it says "... you were able to prevent the dimensional shunt and saved the Portal Corporation lab" - this is at best clumsy and would be improved with "save".
25-30 Natural origin: Talk to Justine Kelly
This is another Sky Raider mission; first you clear out a base and get a jumpbot memory unit - and the briefing for that says "We have their list of targets facilities" and "Could you go to one of the targeted research facilities make sure Dr Brandon Bradley and his people are safe" - should be "target facilities" and "facilities and make sure..." Then you're told "Justine Kelly, the noted computer hacker, might be able to reveal it's secrets" in a clue - "its" and "it's" strike again - and, guess what, Justine "can give you it's rendezvous coordinates".
25-30 Natural origin: Protect witness (not exact quote)
At the end of this mission you are told "You have rescued, Frank Brandon." Comma is superfluous.
25-30 Natural origin: Recover Family contraband
During the briefing for this one, Lansdale utters the word "thouroughly". Quite a workout for the lips. Furthermore the popup in-mission says "This large warehouse, has clearly seen a lot of use recently." Whoever wrote her missions just loves commas. There's an its/it's confusion in the debrief for this mission, too, but I skimmed past it and can't provide an exact quote.
25-30 Natural origin: Defeat all Family at Speilman's Warehouse
"Signs of struggle and property damage indicate that the Family, is already here." Yes, it's another Lansdale comma! Amusingly, inside the mission warehouse workers say "Man this job sucks!", no doubt because of the depletion of the comma supply earlier in the mission.
25-30 Mutant origin: Ubelmann the Unknown arc
The arc clue here can contain the interesting word "rescuedthem".
Natural contact store (Agent Six)
The clue describing Agent Six's camera is missing a full stop, as is the message she displays once you have completed her mission - "Thanks for helping Omega Watch with that situation" .
30-35 Natural origin: Question Freaks for Base Site.
This begins with saving a Crey lab from the Freaks. When you are done, you get an assignment to defeat 30 Freaks; "find where the Freak's took the stolen technology." The apostrophe is in error.
30-35 Natural origin: War Wall Defender
The briefing for War Wall Defender contains the word "reapirs" and a misplaced apostrophe in "scientist's".
Striga: Long Jack: Defeat all villains in warehouse.
There's a Council mission where the boss will be named "Archon Archon Bob" in-mission, for some value of "Bob". Also, there are a few Council missions where the description will say "Archon Bob" but the compass and actual monster "Archon Joe".
Warburg: hero contact
This contact sometimes says "string" after completing a mission.
Citadel TF
The mission after "Take parts to Fareed Abdullah" has a description saying "Steel Canyon", but can be in Skyway. Other missions in the same TF have descriptions for specific locations, but are not necessarily in those locations.
Numina TF
Numina refers to a "hero called Scout, who operated in Paragon City, in the early part of the twentieth century". The second comma is incorrect. Her clue also says "That lead you" (should be "led") and "locate the are" (should be "area").
The briefing for the mission in which one gets the Multidimensional badge refers to the "Hyrda".
Cape Mission
The description of the Time Capsule object has mismatched quotation marks.
Jim Temblor's Faultline arc
Arbiter Sands says "Hail Arachons" if he defeats you.
Penelope Yin's Faultline arc
The clue for "I Lost My Daddy" can contain the text "You battle through the mad murderists"; the rest of the clue is in the past tense and "murderist" is not a word. Penelope can also hand me a "fistfull" of Clockwork parts.
Doc Delilah's Faultline arc
The clue pertaining to this arc says Penelope Yin referred you to Delilah. However if you hit 21st during Temblor's arc, you will never meet Penelope Yin. Also one of her missions is titled "Help Doc Delilah's discover the truth" in the mission selector - apostrophe.

NPC Dialogue

Vahzilok in Faultline
Reapers in Faultline say "Kill" - no full stop or exclamation mark.
Unknown NPCs
"My wife keeps trying to put me on a diet, But i just can't give up fast food." is miscapitalised. In police stations you can hear "Not only did he steal my purse, He insulted my hair!" - someone thinks a capital comes after a comma.
Stragglers in Port Oakes
Stragglers say "Cold isn't it?". Comma after "Cold".
Marcone Hitmen in Port Oakes
Marcone Hitmen can say "We own this place. Come get some.!", effortlessly pronouncing two punctuation marks at once.
Mixed villain groups - general
Often when you attack a spawn containing villains from more than one group, one of them will speak dialogue more appropriate for a member of the other group. For example mixed Family/Tsoo spawns in IP often have Family enemies uttering Tsoo challenges.
Croatoa Warriors
Tuatha Warriors say "The all enemies by slain!" ... what?
Circle of Thorns victims
Sometimes CoT victims utter a single apostrophe.
Post-mission dialogue
Passersby can say "My sister actually was saved by her idol, [hero]". This sentence lacks a full stop.
Vahiki reports that Longbow sometimes say "I" or "l".
Arachnos bots
Krunch reports some Arachnos bots say "TexT".
Rippers on Mercy Island
Rippers can say "Oh I'm gonna enjoy this, Hellion!". Comma after "Oh".
NPC unknown, text approximate
"We are unwilling to conceed to your demands." This should read "concede".
Skulls Girlfriends
Skulls Girlfriends can say "You're so high meintenance." Typo for "maintenance".
Hellions and victims
Hellions and victims in Galaxy City often say things suggesting you are in Atlas Park - such as "The good guys have come to run us out of Atlas Park!". They also say "Oh you think you're gonna come take on the big bag purse snatcher?"; missing comma after "Oh", and "bag" is a typo for "bad".
Skulls in King's Row


Telekinetic Blast
The power name "Telekinetic blast" is not capitalised consistently with other powers, which have all words capitalised.
The info box says "You gave been"; this should be "You have been".
Bounce Back Inspiration
The text reads "... Disriented, and unable to recovery Endurance" - two typos in one.
Spectral Chill
The Spectral Chill from the Ghost Ship reads "You felt it's Spectral Chill in your bones." This should be "its".
Mastermind minions
In messages of the form "X has defeated [minion]", the name of the minion can be incorrectly pluralised. Noticed with Thugs/Enforcers.
In the character generation screens we are told that Thugs MM's Lieutenants possess Leadership "shills".
Focused Accuracy
The Info for Focused Accuracy says "while active, Focused Accuracy drains endurance while active".
Amy's Ward
The description for Amy's Ward says "the amulet will fail and loose a charge". Typo for "lose".


The text for the Medic badge reads "... healing them for two hundred and 250,000 hit points."
The text says "Before Baumton has it's 'accident' ...", where "its" is correct.
The text for the Beautiful badge is missing its full stop.
Honorary Peacebringer
When the Moonfire task force is incomplete, the test describing the badge is missing its full stop.
Croatoa Badges
Many unearned Croatoa hunt badges lack their full stops.
Veteran Rewards
Many Veteran Reward badges lack full stops.
Safeguard badges
"Prevent sewer sombings in Safeguard missions to earn this badge." What's a sombing?
Escape Artist
This exploration badge has a surplus double quote in its description.


Unknown contact (sorry)
The text given when being offered one contact refers to the Freaskshow.
Angelo Vendetti (Port Oakes, villain 5-10)
Angelo Vendetti's description ("Ask about this contact") contains not one but two uses of "it's" as the possessive.
Infernal and Tyrant
The trainer in Founders' Falls is labelled "InfernalLeader". An odd name. Tyrant also now appears as "Tyrant/TyrantLeader".
Penelope Yin
Penelope Yin's description says, of Faultline, "it's destruction".


Terra Volta
Some bombs are labelled "DoesntMatter".
Unknown plaque
It is reported that one plaque spells "heroes" "heros".
Faultline checkpoints
Some Faultline checkpoint guards have Pnnnnnnn names.

Costume pieces

Surgeon's mask
There is no apostrophe in this costume piece's name. There should be.