When pressed for an interview, all Dr.Volcano would say was `crackle crackle hiss spit flicker flicker gloop'. As a tribute to this enigmatic offering, the following interpretation is presented by those members of Elder Sign more capable of human language.

In the days when vinyl was still the main way music was bought, CDs were just a gleam in somebody's eye (presumably because of the strange colours you get when you hold them up to the light), and digital sound was a very expensive toy for people who already had more expensive toys than they did sense. It was realised well in advance, however, that CDs would not always be as pointless and expensive, and that clever men in suits would sell them to the masses.

It is a long forgotten fact that vinyl records provided perfect sound reproduction, and in order to promote CDs the men in suits went about the business of worsening the quality of vinyl recordings by adding hiss and crackle. Young and naive, Psychopathic Candle from Hell was signed up to provide all the hiss and crackle the record companies could desire. CDs arrived, and were hailed as the new standard in sound reproduction, and Candle was dumped onto society's rubbish dump, left to eke out a living doing part-time crackle for FM radio stations.

Candle was found by Elder Sign, where his expression found free rein, and in recognition of the earth-shaking impact he has on every work of Elder Sign's, he adopted the stage name Dr.Volcano. May he never burn out...

Dr.Volcano can be contacted at dr.volcano@tacitus.greenend.org.uk