Live-action Nethack - GM's notes

NB "I" here is the player.


Some walls and a door, which the player can try and get through and which monsters can be introduced through.

Some orange rocks, for throwing.

Envelopes marked "chain mail" and "plate mail". Could be cursed.

The Recombination hammer.

The ever-handy bicycle trailer box, a chest. Contains a scroll or potion or two?


Potions: one brown, one red, one blue, one clear. The last "tastes like water", and it is. I will complain about the vile flavour of the others; I hope I will be lying. Suggestions, although clearly you can wing it on potions:

Don't forget drops from dead monsters to give out goodies.


Suggest running through a few common stupid deaths and resetting. e.g.

Floating eye, paralyse the player, have a grid bug come up and nibble them. When nearly dead, let them loose - see if they have the sense to avoid it or throw rocks.

Self-immolation with scroll of fire / potion of acid especially when already hurt.

Fight with a dwarf, who's hard to hit, but drops the plate mail. Not fatal (unless they've got the healing potion IDed but don't drink it). I expect you to call out HIT or MISS when I "attack" - most attacks should be HITs except in this circumstance, and most monsters should be quite easy.

Killer bee; poisons the player, reduces their Strength, "Burdened". See Potion of Restore Ability.

If we get a gain-level reset, start the player by a door, surrounded by beasties. If they don't fight in the choke point, kill them. Especially good with multiple slow manes.