Live-action Nethack - Scenes from a game

As played at Recombination, 12 August 2007, in Fountain Court at New Hall, Cambridge.

The start of the game. Cheerful and carefree, our dashing hero descends into the dungeon to seek thrills, adventure, and the Amulet of Yendor. off we go
Around the first corner a group of manes wait. Just wait 'til I get my claws on you.... manes threatens
The manes hits! The manes hits! The manes hits!
Accompanied by a truly spectacular screeching noise.
manes hits
Three little bees who, all unwary
Come from a monsters' seminary
three little bees
A killer bee. Note the compound eyes and obvious bee acting. bee acting
Saved by the cat. Killer bee acquires a scratched nose. cat hits
A cast of thousands. cast of 1000s
Cat investigates scroll. Cat is not terribly impressed. cat scroll
A chest! Whatever could be in it? a box
Untold riches. A potion! a potion
Another potion! another potion
Could do with a bag for containment of untold riches. could do with a bag
An approaching dwarf pauses to threaten the cat. approaching dwarf
Dwarf with axe. Note cunning use of acting to portray otherwise nonexistent axe. dwarf with axe
The dwarf hits! dwarf hits
You hit the dwarf. Ow! hit dwarf
Let's try reading a scroll.... reading scroll
Oh dear, it was punishment. oops punishment
Testing potions. This tastes foul! icky potion
Ball and chain gets in the way. hard to hit
The next challenge looms (looking threatening is no mean feat when you're only a grid bug). grid bugs threaten
Valkyrie, your powers will be lost!
You hear the howling of the CwnAnnwm.
powers lost
Killed by a grid bug. What an ignominious fate! death