The David Eddings Frequently Asked Questions List

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  1. About David Eddings
    1. Biographical Information
    2. Bibliography (includes U.S. and U.K. ISBNs, and U.S. Publishers)
    3. Miscellaneous Publishing Information
    4. What are D&LE working on currently?
    5. Are there any interviews with David Eddings on the Internet?
    6. Where to write to David Eddings

  2. Frequently Asked Questions


    1. The systems of magic and worlds that David Eddings have created don't always seem very logical. Why?
    2. I've got this great idea about who should be in a movie.
    3. Will there be a movie/CD-ROM game based on the Belgariad/Elenium?
    4. Gee, has anyone noticed that the plots of Eddings' fantasies are all kind of similar?
    5. Will the Eddings' be writing any more novels set in either the Belgariad or Elenium worlds?


    1. Inconsistencies
      1. Editing errors
        1. The infamous Chaldan/Chamdar misprint
        2. The wandering L's
      2. Boneheaded errors
        1. The name of Brand's oldest son
        2. Gared/Geran
        3. Beldin's first act of sorcery
      3. Illogical/inconsistent actions
        1. Durnik vs. Brill
        2. Asharak/Chamdar
    2. Dryads (a.k.a. The Thread That Will Not Die)
    3. Immortality (a.k.a. The Other Thread That Will Not Die)
    4. What, precisely, does the mark on Garion's hand signify?
    5. So, what exactly is on Garion's amulet?
    6. The meaning of 'Bel' and 'Pol'.
    7. Why isn't 'Durnik' called 'Beldurnik'?
    8. Has anyone noticed the chess analogy in the titles of the Belgariad?
    9. Why can't Zedar get out of that hole Belgarath put him in?
    10. Speaking of Zedar, don't you think his punishment was a bit too harsh?
    11. What is the sex of Polgara's twins?
    12. Who is the Wolf?
    13. How did Polgara and Poledra merging help them remain unseen by Torak?
    14. Why are there so many differences between BtS and PtS?
    15. What order should I read the books in?


    1. Inconsistencies
      1. Terms that can be confused
        1. Elene/Elenian
        2. Patriarch/primate
      2. Illogical gaps in the story
        1. Who exactly has touched the Bhelliom?
        2. Sephrenia and Aphrael's flying
        3. Kalten's swimming ability
    2. Do the Elenium or Tamuli titles have any connections to the stories?
    3. What God is supporting Zalasta's spells when he crashes Sephrenia and Vanion's wedding?
    4. Where do the renegade Styrics get their power?
    5. Why couldn't Sparhawk let King Wargun know that he was looking for Bhelliom?
    6. Immortality (The Elenium Derivative)


    1. newsgroup; what is it, who created it, and when?
    2. Why does everyone have an Eddings alias, and how can I get one?
    3. What are the Silver Suggestions?
    4. Who runs the Trivia quiz, and when is it posted to the newsgroup?
    5. What exactly is Klæls Army?
    6. Where can a new user find information about this newsgroup?
    7. Are there any rules on this newsgroup?
    8. What are the letters that I see before some thread names?
    9. What is afec?
    10. Where in the books are the worlds called Eriondia and Sparhawkia?

  3. Eddings Resources
    1. IRC #eddings
    2. Web pages
    3. Other sites of interest

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