The Kevin Bacon of Internet Comics

Six degrees of seperation. Does it apply to internet comics? Well, since I became an internet comic character (appearing twice in the background of Christopher Baldwin's excellent Bruno), I have the opportunity to find out. This page shows the links of which I am aware!

More news (1/5/02 - but only 'cos I'm slow) Simon Booth of Sluggy and Zwol No-Comic fame sent me a huge list of crossovers and homages for me to process. I shall also have to differentiate between the beauty of the pure crossover, and the imitation diamondene substitute that is the homage or cameo. This will take some time, pull up a seat, but be quiet. (This Simon Booth moment was brought to you by Simon Booth. Simon Booth - for all your Simon Booth moment related needs)

News just in (22/2/02) I have a rival. It appears Captain America has been dubbed the Kevin Bacon of the superhero world by Nature Magazine. They clearly know nothing of my super-umbrella-holding ability, nor my looking-away-from-the-author power. And I'm only 2 degrees of separation from "The Bullet" and "The Golden Age Bullet". So there. Not that I wouldn't mind if Marvel put me in their comics to try to even things out a bit... Or DC could, to add some competition

One Degree of Seperation:
Bruno I also turn up a few days earlier in the pub. You get to see the back of my head. Since Bruno appears in my life (albeit only as a cartoon character, mores the pity), this counts as a bonefide crossover.

Two Degrees:
Bobbins I think I introduced Christopher Baldwin to Bobbins, so, until I'm told otherwise, I lay claim to inspiring this. This counts as an homage, since Bruno didn't appear in Bobbins
Helen, Sweetheart of the internet The only syndi I'm aware of a link to... of course, if Peter Zale was to gever get involved with a april fools comic switch, I could access far more comics. A pure crossover of the finest type.
And a very dodgy PVP since Bruno book 6 includes a foreword by Scott Kurtz and a picture of Bruno hugging Skull. Only counts as an Homage, I'm afraid.

Three Degrees:
Spencer Green (also by Peter Zale of Helen fame). I'll call this a crossover for the sake of not having to invent new categories.
Waiting for Bob Its been on haiatus for a long time (and since it is mentioned in the Bruno/Bobbins crossover, I almost feel it should make 2 degrees). Still one of the best comics out there. This was most certainly a real crossover.
Goats Oversexed goats and diabolical chickens attract the punters, but vast quantities of beer keep them there. Certainly a real crossover.
Diesel SweetiesBobbins and diesel sweeties crossover at other points too.
And a more dodgy 3 degrees (since it happened in a dream sequence)
? - ashfield onlineBut dreams count - its comic homages, not characters really meeting that i'm interested in.
SuperosityI own a signed issue 1 of Superosity - but so do many Keenspot readers, I suppose.
There are some dodgier Bobins crossovers - in particualr it has Calvin and Hobbs and Bloom County - however as they are unofficial, I'm ignoring them (which is a shame. I want to be in Calvin and Hobbes.) Absurd NotionsAnother favourite of mine, the highly irregular absurd notions - creator of pythagoras pizza.

Four Degrees:
This HappensBack in Absurd Notions past it did crossovers with the other strips it was printed alongside.
Bruno The BanditWho would have thought it would take this long to get to the OTHER bruno comic? Now moved up thanks to discovering the Superosity Scourge crossover
Also thanks to the Scourge crossover there absolute tripe, limpidity and coyoteville. I have yet to research these.
Indie Rock Pete(He's a regular in Diesel Sweeties, but since he gets his own comic, thats another degree)
GPF This crossover was a long time coming - and only very slowly dawned on me.
Userfriendly I totally forgot about this until I read through the Waiting for Bob archives. Its worth noting that there was also a Superosity crossover

Five Degrees:
Sluggy FreelanceThe Sluggy Freelance Where Are You? strips are a wanna be Kevin Bacon's dream.

Six Degrees:
Nukees Some of the cleverer storylines found in a gag-a-day web comic. Oh the freaky wonders of technology.
Kevin and Kell Cartoon animals who don't all eat each other
Top 10 An oddity, but its a link to the world of comic books. Even if there is nothing offical, this is worth a link!

No Degrees: There seem to be some comics I read which I havn't been conected to. This just goes to show something. Probably something important. Zwol tries hard (very hard) to make it into four degrees, but falls a little short. I love it anyway. But now (as of 16 Apr 2002) I love it even more ZwolZwolZwolZwolZWOL!. I mean woohoo!

Other comics I want to link to are Desiderata, and Bob the Angry Flower. I'll keep looking...