Ben Chalmers

[CV / Resume]

Wife:  Adelina Chalmers - Good Practice Blog
Work:  Citrix
Home:  Longstanton, Cambridge, South CambsCambridgshire
Education: The Open University, Cambridge University, Orpington College, Riverston School
Friends:  Rob Hague, Mike Miller, Mike Pitt, Catherine Pitt, Steve McIntyre, Dan Auger, Steven Kitson, Simon Booth
Supports: The Debian Project, The Open Rights Group, The Liberal Democrats, Room To Read


Windows Device Drivers: OSR, Sysinternals, WHDC, MSDN
Web: W3Schools, jQuery, AppEngine
Google:  Google, Docs, Reader, GMail
Transport: National Rail, Transport for London, transportdirect, Buses (15/15a)