mtk - Maths Toolkit

Mtk is a basic mathematical package for X11. It makes no claim to rival large commercial computer algebra systems but it is handy for quickly doing small calculations. The main window of the application consists of a list of equations and an output display. Equations can be entered in. Mtk supports a large range of common functions and there will hopefully be more in the future. Equations can be acted on in a variety of ways. They can be evaluated for given variable values, differentiated, numerically integrated, roots found, power series found, graphs plotted, and differential equations solved.

The current version (1.3.0) fixes several reported bugs in version 1.2. I recommend upgrading to all users.

There are usually beta versions available here. The latest one is below. These usually include new features so may be less stable. If they are necessary to fix any major bugs I will say so here.

Mtk requires X windows with libqt to run. Download libqt.

Andrew Ross <>