Marconi Equipment
Type Short Desc. Ranges Services Code
OA1094A HF Spectrum Analyser
TF144H AM Signal Generator 10kHz - 72MHz 452A
TF195M Beat Frequency Oscillator
TF301F Inductance Bridge Energises at 1kc/s
TF338 Variable Attenuator
TF428 Valve Voltmeter
TF455E Wave Analyser
TF643 VHF Wavemeter
TF675 Pulse Generator
TF723A Crystal Calibrator
TF791 Carrier Deviation Meter Carrier 4Mc/s-1,024Mc/s, deviation up to 125kc/s
TF801 AM Signal Generator 10MHz-470MHz CT394B
TF867 Standard Signal Generator 15kHz-30MHz
TF868A/B Universal Bridge
TF885A Video Oscillator
TF886B VHF Q Meter
TF888 Portable Receiver Test Set
TF893A AF Power Meter 10W, 20Hz-20kHz
TF995A/2 AM/FM Signal Generator 1.5MHz-220MHz in 5 ranges CT402
TF995B/2 AM/FM Signal Generator 200kHz-220MHz CT520A
TF995B/5 AM/FM Signal Generator for Mobile radio Testing 200kHz-220MHz
TF1020A RF Power Meter and Dummy Load 0-150W, 0-300W, DC-1.5GHz
TF1060/2 UHF Signal Generator 450MHz-1.2GHz
TF1064 Signal Generator 68-108MHz, 118-185MHz, 450-470MHz
TF1065 TX/RX Output Test Set
TF1066 AM/FM Signal Generator 10MHz-470MHz
TF1067 Heterodyne Frequency Meter
TF1073 RF Attenuator 100db in 2db steps
TF1073A RF Attenuator 100db in 1db steps
TF1099 Sweep Generator 20MHz
TF1100 Sensitive Valve Voltmeter
TF1101 RC Oscillator 20Hz-200kHz o/p 20mV-20V
TF1102 Amplitude Modulator
TF1104 VHF Alignment Oscilloscope
TF1106 Noise Generator
TF1108 Stabilised Power Supply
TF1109 Stabilised Power Supply
TF1125 DV Valve Voltmeter
TF1128 AC Valve Voltmeter
TF1130 Pulse Generator
TF1143 ISB Two-Signal Test Generator
TF1145 UHF Signal Generator
TF1152T RF power meter 50Ohm 10W and 25W
TF1153 Oscilloscope
TF1159 Low Frequency Oscilloscope
TF1165 Electronic Counter
TF1167 Telegraph Test Generator
TF1168 High Discrimination Oscillator
TF1202 Power Meter
TF1205/S RF Dummy Load 1.3kW, oil filled
TF1245A Q Meter For use with Oscillators TF1246, TF1247
TF1246 Oscillator 40kHz-50MHz
TF1247 Oscillator 20MHz-300MHz
TF1300 Valve Voltmeter
TF1313 Universal LCR Bridge Mains Operated; Accuracy 0.25%
TF1313A Universal LCR Bridge Mains Operated; Accuracy 0.1%
TF1331 Oscilloscope
TF2002AS AM/FM Signal Generator 10kHz-72MHz (second generation) CT572
TF2002B AM/FM Signal Generator 10kHz-88MHz
TF2006 FM Signal Generator 4MHz - 1000MHz
TF2006/1 Synchroniser
TF2008 AM/FM Signal Generator 10kHz-510MHz (second generation)
TF2011 FM Signal Generator 130MHz - 180MHz
TF2012 FM Signal Generator 400MHz - 520MHz
TF2013 FM Signal Generator 800MHz-960MHz
TF2015 AM/FM Signal Generator 10MHz-510MHz (second generation)
TF2015/1 Narrow Band FM version of TF2015 10MHz-520MHz (second generation 1978)
TF2105/2 Wideband FM version of TF2015 10MHz-520MHz (second generation 1978)
TF2016 AM/FM Signal Generator 10kHz-120MHz, up to 4V out
TF2103 Sine/Squarewave Generator 10Hz-1MHz, Battery Op.
TF2167 RF Amplifier 10W Output, 50kHz-80MHz
TF2168 UHF Attenuator
TF2169 Pulse Moduluator Works with TF2016 for Radar IF testing
TF2170B Synchroniser
TF2171 Synchroniser Works with TF2015 (second generation 1978)
TF2172 RF Amplifier 4.5W Output, 10MHz-500MHz
TF2173 Synchroniser Works with TF2016, stability 1 part in 10E6, step size 10Hz
TF2210 Oscilloscope Dual Trace, 100MHz
TF2300 AM/FM Modulation Meter 4MHz-1000MHz FM, 4MHz-350MHz AM
TF2301A Modulation Meter
TF2303 AM/FM Modulation Meter 25MHz-225MHz and 380MHz-520MHz
TF2304 Automatic FM/AM Modulation Meter 25MHz-1000MHz, AM depth from 30% to 100%, FM deviation from 1.5kHz FSD to 150kHz FSD
TF2370 Spectrum Analyser 30Hz-110MHz, 100db display, counter and tracking generator builtin
TF2432 Frequency Counter 10Hz to either 80MHz, 200MHz or 560MHz model dependent
TF2500 Audio Power Meter 10Hz-1MHz up to 25W
TF2501 RF Power Meter (plus Load) DC-1GHz, up to 3W
TF2502 RF Power Meter (plus Load) DC-1GHz, up to 10W
TF2503 RF Power Meter (plus Load) DC-1GHz, up to 100W
TF2509 Matching Transformer 50 Ohm - 75 Ohm
TF2603 RF millivoltmeter 50kHz-1.5GHz, range 1mV-3V
TF2604 AC/DC Electronic voltmeter 20Hz-1.5GHz AC
TF2650 FET multimeter
TF2700 Universal LCR Bridge Battery Op.
TF2703 Transistor Tester
TF2950 PMR Test set AM/FM 65MHz-84MHz, 84MHz-108MHz, 140-180MHz, 420-470MHz
TM9953 RHO Bridge
Note that synchroniser seems to be a term much used by Marconi to describe a device which enables an existing analogue signal generator to be used as a crystal controlled synthesiser.