Connecting a Laserwriter IINT

Connecting the Laserwriter IINT

DIP Switch Settings

While the LaserWriter IINT is off, set the printers DIP switch settings to:
  1. UP
  2. DOWN
If the `hack switch' is fitted (a toggle beside the DIP switches) it should be in the UP position. These switch settings place the LaserWriter IINT in: PostScript Batch Mode, RS-232 9600 Baud, RS-422 9600 Baud, 8 data bits , No parity check, 1 stop bit, with XON/XOFF handshake.

Setting Serial Communications

To set communications parameters this printers uses a series of natty little bits of Postscript. Beware: errors can set the printer into a mode difficult to get out of. Here is an example setting 8 bit PS batch mode over the 25pin RS232 connector.

serverdict begin 0 exitserver %This exits the printer server loop
statusdict begin %Start modifying settings
25 9600 64 setsccbatch %set the 25 pin RS-232 9600 Baud port-8 data
end %This is the end of the mode switch routine

Setting other Printer Parameters

Here is a nice little script which sends out the nasty little bits of postscript needed to configure a Laserwritter II. I originally got it from Tim Cutts. lwIIconfig

Testing Settings

The following short piece of postscript displays the printer's settings for the 25 pin serial port, by printing a page containing the information.
/Helvetica findfont 14 scalefont setfont
30 500 moveto
(The Options number for the 25-pin port is ) show
statusdict begin 25 sccbatch 10 string cvs show
pop showpage