HP Equipment
Type Short Desc. Ranges Services Code
HP141 Spectrum Analyser Mainframe use with HP8552B or HP8553B
HP180A Oscilloscope Mainframe 50MHz
HP182 Analog Storage Oscilloscope Mainframe
HP183 Oscilloscope Mainframe 500MHz (also takes HP180 series plugins)
HP302A Wave Analyser (max freq 50kHz)
HP310A Field Strength Meter (1kHz-1.5MHz). IF Bandwidths of 0.2, 1.0 and 3kHz. 10uV FSD and 75db Dynamic Range. Odometer frequency Readout
HP312A Field Strength Meter (1kHz-17MHz). Nixie tube frequency readout. Similar to 310A otherwise.
HP400D Valve Voltmeter
HP430C Microwave Power Meter
HP606A Signal Generator Schematics (on BAMA)
HP620A SHF Signal Generator 0.7GHz-11GHz
HP1746A Oscilloscope Three Y inputs, 100MHz
HP2001 Audio Signal Generator Schematic on BAMA
HP3200B VHF Oscillator 10MHz-500MHz up to 20V o/p
HP3310A Function Generator 0.005Hz-1MHz (Sq,Sine,Tri,Pulse,Ramp)
HP3581 Field Strength Meter (max freq 50kHz)
HP3582 Spectrum Analyser
HP3586 Field Strength Meter (50Hz to 32.5MHz). LED Frequency readout to 0.1Hz. IF Bandwidths 0.02, 0.4 and 3.1 kHz. Built in tracking generator.
HP3590A Field Strength Meter (max freq 620kHz), 3uV FSD. IF Bandwidths of 0.01, 0.1, 1.0 and 3.0kHz.
HP3745/3746 Field Strength Meter (50Hz to 32.5MHz). Sweep functions for spectrumn display unit.
HP5328B Frequency Counter 100MHz
HP8614A Signal Generator 800MHz-2.4GHz
HP8616 Signal Generator
HP8698B Sweep Generator 0.4MHz-110MHz