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2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Organise properly
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonmove http client setup to yarrglib.tcl
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonpanner: mouse motion debug only if debug>=2
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonyarrg: with --find-window-only, print ocean and pirate...
2009-12-12 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: WIP argument parsing; library load changes
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels zooming works
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels tuning
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonwhere-vessels: Include panner and (nonfunctional) zoom...
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonpanner is a proper package
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP Tk panner widget - mostly works
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP Tk panner widget
2009-12-10 Ian JacksonWIP where-vessels: Can produce some kind of map
2009-12-10 Ian Jacksonbreak out yppedia_chart_parse into 6.2
2009-11-27 Ian JacksonUse hasOwnProperty to eliminate unhelpful JS stuff...
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonDo not include Advanced Options heading in routesearch...
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonFix spurious ARRAY in deststring (due to erroneous...
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonPrint sensible error if all trades deselected.
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonFix accidentally broken edit
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonShow canonical strings in printable form
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonTrading plan commodity names are links to commod prices
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonSupport Specific Destination route search
2009-11-22 Ian JacksonMinimum trade value feature
2009-11-21 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x' 6.1
2009-11-21 Ian JacksonNew standing "Proficient" 5.8
2009-11-21 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x' 6.0
2009-11-18 Ian JacksonMake shifted keys actually work. Modifier map contains... 5.7
2009-11-18 Ian JacksonTry en_US.UTF-8 as well as en_GB.UTF-8 and en.UTF-8
2009-11-18 Ian JacksonBugfixes and debugging for sending shifted keys etc...
2009-11-18 Ian Jacksonmake shifted keys work - untested, but compiles
2009-11-15 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ceb'
2009-11-15 cebAdded and edited commodity ordering.
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x'
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonApprove client "jpctb greenend"
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x'
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonAllow computing and using dest stall poe limit
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonMake first datarow be pale rather than dark
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonMore clearly explain [?] for location codes
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonCommodity location in deciles
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'refs/remote/t.fa.mason' into stable-5.x 5.6
2009-11-14 Ian JacksonCope with ship names with spaces in
2009-11-13 Ian JacksonShow commod class in voyage plan too
2009-11-12 Ian JacksonBetter caveats re posinclass
2009-11-12 Ian JacksonPut definitions of TT etc. (for posinclass) in docs
2009-11-12 Ian JacksonNew way of showing position in list info
2009-11-05 Ian Jacksonshow game UI location for commodities in trading plan...
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x' into web
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'dict-test' into stable-5.x
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonDo only a quick referential integrity check on market...
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonRework of commodity classes and ordering
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonCope with exponential notation in row output from glpsol
2009-11-04 Ian JacksonClock skew is only if timestamp is > now
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonBetter error messages from commod-update-receiver
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonCan compact ids and remove obsolete commodities
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonMidnight has some Lime dye; Cobalt has some Navy dye
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonReady to write id compacter
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonDo referential integrity check on every incoming update
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonAdd commodclasses even for un-ordval'd commods
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonMove referential integrity check into CommodsDatabase
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonDo some referential integrity checking
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonDatabase schema improvements
2009-11-02 Ian JacksonSome fixes already done
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x'
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonFix name in copyright notices 5.5
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonSpelling fixes etc.
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMinor layout fixes
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonUseability enhancesments and spelling fixes
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonFix spelling error in intro
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMinor intro page fixes 5.4
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonFix ISO quote lossage to be HTML 3.2 compatible
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonProperly quote various error messages
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonReorganise docs to include new howto material in intro...
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonWIP improve intro etc. - howto page from Naath
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: more comprehensive output
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: use @..+ in main entries too
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: support @..+ in main entries too
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: more data and fixed formatting
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: support @..+ syntax in % defs
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksoncommodity ordering: new "commodsinorder" mode
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonCorrect link to test website source code 5.3
2009-10-31 Ian Jacksonget_source=1: Actually print the header
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'refs/remote/t.fa.dict.test' into stable-5.x
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMake new "tree-info.txt" file not in revision control...
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonAllow downloading of database tree source code via...
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonWIP commod ordering improvements
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMore commodity orders in source-info.txt
2009-10-30 Ian JacksonUseful website UI suggestions from #chiark
2009-10-30 Ian JacksonWIP commodity sorting: syntactic improvements
2009-10-30 Ian JacksonTell emacs to edit source-info.txt in fundamental mode
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonCope with commas in numerical fields from the scraper... 5.2
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonUnticking trades _does_ seem to work. Bogus bug report...
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'wip.commodclass'
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-3.x' 5.1
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'refs/remote/t.fa.mason' origin/web
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonWIP class and ordering data fixes
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonWIP new class and ordering data
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonImprove comments about extending source-info.txt
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonAdd copyright licence notices to rs*.c (and appropriate...
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonDelete obsolete notes file
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonMake colourful pages pass W3C HTML and CSS validators
2009-10-29 Ian JacksonDitch sanity check triggered by insane subpixel antiali... origin/stable-3.x