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Encode instance in emails properly
[ypp-sc-tools.web-live.git] / yarrg / commod-update-receiver
2009-08-14 Ian JacksonEncode instance in emails properly
2009-08-09 Ian JacksonPrint a thank you message
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'ijackson-ourdb' into ourdb
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonInstallation fixes
2009-07-29 Ian Jacksontimestamp processing
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonWIP Much rework for new upload arrangements and new...
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonRename many things from PCTB to YARRG
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonRename main program from ypp-commodities to yarrg
2009-07-29 Ian JacksonWIP rename pctb -> yarrg