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Use fixed point arithmetic in find_aa_density
[ypp-sc-tools.web-live.git] / pctb / x.gdb
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonUse fixed point arithmetic in find_aa_density
2009-07-19 Ian JacksonAdjust colours early so that we don't have to keep...
2009-07-05 Ian Jacksoncope with subpixel antialiasing (urgh) 1.9.3
2009-07-05 Ian JacksonOptimised copyout from XImage for 24-deep 32bpp RGB...
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonFixups to new Upper/Lower/Digit/Word ocr arrangements...
2009-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'origin'
2009-06-26 Ian JacksonFix stupid black image bug; various other minor fixes
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonPrivacy control UI
2009-06-21 Ian JacksonWIP new dictionary arrangements
2009-06-16 Ian JacksonWIP MIT-SHM; seems to do SHM but need to check performance
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonWIP check commodity, before delete pixel searcher
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonBetter arg parsing; also have --raw-tsv mode
2009-06-07 Ian JacksonMuch better error handling.
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksonget pirate name right
2009-06-07 Ian Jacksonprogress printing and bugfixing and build system improv...
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonbefore rip out timing stuff and use just minimum snapsh...
2009-06-06 Ian Jacksonwip fetching images from X
2009-06-03 Ian Jacksonmerge changes made accidentally to wrong copy
2009-06-03 Ian JacksonWIP now has most of the ocr parts but does not work yet