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website: jarrg is released
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2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: jarrg is released
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: upload: separate jarrg linux/source tarballs
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: upload: centralise download url generation
2010-09-12 Ian Jacksonwebsite: fix grammar in new upload doc
2010-09-05 Ian Jacksonjarrg docs: switching away soon is ok
2010-09-05 Ian Jacksonjpctb is now called jarrg
2010-08-28 Ian Jacksonwebsite: we have a gitweb now, so update various develo...
2010-08-25 Ian Jacksonsomewhat improve the jpctb docs
2010-08-24 Ian Jacksonupload docs page: Correct and clarify cd to jpctb
2010-08-22 Ian JacksonVersion numbers no longer in download paths
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmention ijackson's repo for jpctb-linkfarmer
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmention older versions of the uploader
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonadd variables for urls in upload page and set version...
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonnew upload urls
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksondocs typo fixes
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonmore updates to "upload" doc
2010-08-22 Ian Jacksonfix <ol> <nl> confusion
2010-06-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of ../ypp-sc-tools 6.5.3
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonMore better doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonMore better doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonBetter doc
2010-05-23 Ian JacksonWeb page documenting YARRG JPCTB
2009-11-05 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'dict-test' into stable-5.x
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'stable-5.x'
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonMinor layout fixes
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonFix ISO quote lossage to be HTML 3.2 compatible
2009-10-31 Ian JacksonReorganise docs to include new howto material in intro...